UA&P Donation Acceptance Policy

UA&P welcomes donations whether or not they are subject to restrictions.

However, to maximize flexibility, the University would prefer to receive unrestricted donations.

Where a donation is restricted, the restriction must be compatible with the University’s Credo and Mission. The University reserves the right to decline donations which would not support its long term strategy.

The acceptance of donations must comply with all other University policies.

UA&P is not inclined to accept donations that would require any special consideration for employment to the donor, or to anyone designated by the donor, or that would allow the donor to influence or appear to influence inappropriately the teaching, learning or scholarship of a student, member of academic staff, or academic program.

UA&P reserves the right to decline donations that, upon determination, may require expenditure beyond its resources. It also reserves the right to decline an offer which, for whatever reason, may negatively affect the public perception of the university.

Ownership of all donations, grants and pledges resides with the University, whether the donation/grant/pledge is received for the benefit of the University in general or for some specific project.

Types of Donation and their Applications

UA&P accepts charitable donations in the form of actual cash or personal check (i.e. straight donation or endowment), gifts-in-kind, and deferred donations such as gifts by will or via insurance proceeds, and pledges.

Unless otherwise specified by the donor, a straight donation is applied as soon as it is received, e.g. to fund scholarships for the current school year, finance advance programs for faculty development, fund a research project, or acquire a university asset.

On the other hand, an endowment is a sum of money that, once received, is invested and the interest earned provides the funding for the program or project. The principal amount remains intact.

Gifts-in-kind are non-cash items which can include shares of stock or other negotiable securities, real estate (land and/or building), and other personal property properly and legally endorsed to the university.

Pledges are periodic or fixed commitments in the form of future cash remittance(s) such as a semi-annual contribution or proceeds from an insurance claim.

For a more convenient way of giving to the University of Asia and the Pacific, donors may choose from the following ways.

For information, please feel free to contact us at the Development Office, 6370912 to 26.


Make your check payable to the University of Asia and the Pacific and send to:

The Development Office
University of Asia and the Pacific
Pearl Drive Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Credit Card and other on-line facilities

The Ayala Foundation USA
AF-USA is a 501 C3 public charity organization that provides tax deductibility incentives to all its donors. US-based donors can make donations to the University of Asia and the Pacific through the AF-USA and avail themselves of the tax incentives. For more information, please visit the AF-USA website at

Post Dated Gifts
Individuals that would like to give to the University but would like to spread the amount over a couple of years may do so. A donor option is to issue Post Dated Checks (PDC’s) over the selected period of time.