university scholars

Give the gift of education.

With almost a quarter of its student population receiving scholarship grants, the University of Asia & the Pacific is doing its part in providing high quality education to the Filipino youth regardless of the circumstances they face. Partnering with UA&P in this endeavor is an investment in our country’s future. Join us in giving students from all walks of life the opportunity to rise above their constraints and meet their fullest potential.

Give the gift that lasts. Help tomorrow’s leaders get started on their dreams.

“I graduated from an unknown public school somewhere in Bicutan. You might be wondering how (I got here in UA&P), it was through a scholarship. Looking back at my college years, it was a rocky road paved with insecurities, yet filled with hopes and dreams. It was tough as it was inspiring. Even until today.”

Ryan Rubillar • advertising practitioner, Philippine representative to the Young Lotus Competition in Thailand

“I don’t know where I’ll be if I hadn’t been a scholar. I was extremely lucky to be a scholar in UA&P. This scholarship simply paved the way, it opened all the doors for me. Of course I worked hard to maintain it. I had to. Who wouldn’t?”

Third Domingo • founding partner, IdeasXMachina creative agency