Child Development and Education Center

The University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) Child Development and Education (CDE) Center is a preschool teaching and classroom research laboratory of the School of Education and Human Development (SED). It provides a learning environment that promotes the integral development of its students and faculty.

Goals for the Children

  1. To help the children become persons of strong and upright character
  2. To guide the children toward understanding the effects of their actions and to help them become responsible for the consequences of their actions
  3. To help the children become independent and self-motivated
  4. To guide the children toward acquiring pro-social behavior
  5. To teach the children basic academic skills


The UA&P CDE Center views every child as:

  • unique with his own temperament, talents, and skills;
  • an active learner who best learn when provided with concrete and meaningful materials and experience; and
  • naturally curious and loves to explore.

Children have varied learning styles and have the capability of developing different basic school skills. To accommodate different styles, the CDE Center offers time for variety of activities — group and individualized work — throughout the day.

Since children learn holistically, the CDE Center provides learning opportunities in all domains of their development.

Preschool Program

The content areas included in the curriculum are Reading, Language, Mathematics, Science, and Filipino. Lessons evolve around monthly themes. The learning competencies under different content areas are integrated into the themes.


The CDE Center with its faculty and staff commit themselves to this four-fold mission:


  1. Provide learning opportunities that promote children’s physical, cognitive, socio-emotional, and character development;
  2. Deliver professional training for early childhood educators in the areas of teaching, assessment, supervision of young children, and research in early childhood education;
  3. Work in partnership with parents to ensure children’s development in all domains; and
  4. Carry out continuing parenting education.

Enrollment Procedures

Children ages 3 to 6 are accepted for admission in the CDE Center. To be eligible for admission, a child must be 3 years old prior to the start of classes.

The enrollment steps to be observed for SY 2019-20 are the following:

Step 1: Site Visit

Parents are encouraged to set an appointment with a CDE Center teacher or staff for a site visit. The visit is meant to familiarize parents with the CDE Center’s educational philosophy, curriculum, and learning environment. Other important details such as tuition fee and class schedules will also be explained during the visit.

Step 2: Assessment

After the site visit, parents should set another appointment for the assessment of the child. The assessment is meant for the CDE Center teachers and staff to get to know the child better and gauge his readiness for schooling. The information obtained from the assessment will also be used as input for the planning and design of developmentally-appropriate curriculum.

Step 3: Submit the admission requirements below and claim the endorsement slip from the SED office (7th floor, ACB).

    1. Accomplished Enrollment Form
    2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
    3. Photocopy of Immunization Record

In this step, the child and all authorized fetchers (e.g., mother, father, or yaya) are required to appear in person to the SED office for data capture (i.e., ID photo and signature).

Step 4: Proceed to the Accounting Office (2nd floor, CAS Building) for payment. Present the endorsement slip to the cashier and pay the reservation fee of PhP 25,000.

Parents may opt to pay the tuition fee in full or by installment.

APPLICANTS WITHOUT THE ENDORSEMENT SLIP WILL NOT BE ACCOMMODATED BY THE CASHIER. If paying by installment, please indicate the preferred payment scheme in the endorsement slip and enrollment form. Registration and miscellaneous fees together with first tuition payment must be made during registration.

*The reservation fee is non-refundable but deductible from the total amount of tuition.

Step 5: Parents’ Orientation

Parents are required to attend the orientation before the first day of class. UA&P CDE Center may be reached via the following numbers and email address:


(02) 8634-2828 or (02) 8637-0912 local 271
[email protected]

Get in touch


Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605, Philippines



Phone: (632) 8637-0912 to 26
E-mail: [email protected]