Doctor of Philosophy in Business Economics Program

Business Economics scholars investigate a range of topics from a scientific perspective, pursuing questions related to markets, finance, organizations, and, aspire to rewarding careers filled with inquiry and intellectual growth. They create and disseminate knowledge influencing not only the practice of economics and business, but also government, education, and public policy on a national and global scale. This doctoral degree is primarily intended to prepare students for careers in research, teaching and corporate planning and strategy in economics and related fields of economics. Doctoral students shall acquire a skill set which will enable them to influence individuals, business and policy makers to achieve growth. Possible fields of specialization include corporate and international finance, industrial organization and public economics, and, economic growth and development strategy.


Course Requirements

Core Courses (33 units)*

Core Theoretical Foundation Courses

  • Advanced Macroeconomics 1 (Walrasian Equilibrium, Microeconomic Foundations, Growth Theory, Investments)
  • Advanced Macroeconomics 2 (Financial Economics and International Finance)
  • Advanced Microeconomics 1
  • Advanced Microeconomics 2 (Game Theory and Industrial Organization)
  • History of Economic Thought
  • Business Ethics
  • Financial Theory
  • Organization Theory

Core Economic and Business Methodology Courses


    • Advanced Econometrics 1 (Macroeconometrics and Financial Econometrics)
    • Advanced Econometrics 2 (Microeconometrics, and other Economic Methods)
  • Management Science


Specialization (9 units)+


    • Economic Policy and Special Topics in Economics
    • Corporate Governance and Business Strategy
    • Workshop in Business Economics


Comprehensive Exams (No units)


  • Part 1: Advanced Macroeconomics and Advanced Microeconomics
  • Part 2: Economic and Business Methodology and a Specialization


  • Dissertation (12 units)

This curriculum, alongside other pertinent course information can be downloaded. Please click here to open the file.


The subjects offered in the Ph.D. Business Economics program of the School of Economics of the University of Asia and the Pacific shall be handled by the following doctoral degree holder, full-time faculty members. They shall also serve as academic and research mentors throughout the entire doctoral program of the business economics doctoral students of UA&P, and, act as advisers to the dissertations of the doctoral students of the program.



School of Economics (Full-Time Faculty)

Vic Abola, Ph.D.
Romeo Balinquit, Ph.D.
Jovi Dacanay, Ph.D.
Roberto De Vera, Ph.D.
George Manzano, Ph.D.
Cid Terosa, Ph.D.
Peter Lee U, Ph.D.
Bernardo M. Villegas, Ph.D




School of Management (Full-Time Faculty)

Ma. Victoria Caparas, Ph.D.
Anna Maria Mendoza, DBA
Winston Stan Padojinog, DBA
Raymund Pangilinan, Ph.D.
Eric Parilla, Ph.D.
Brenda Quismorio, Ph.D.
Robert Roque, Ph.D.
Eligio Ma. Santos, Ph.D.
Amado Saquido, Ph.D.


Each faculty member has a profile in our Faculty and Research page, consisting of their educational attainment, list of seminars and published works, and contact information. Researchers may click on the link, to transfer to the page.

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