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About the Research Journal

Innovatus is the official research journal of the University of Asia and the Pacific, Department of Information Science and Technology. ‘Innovatus’ is the past participle of the Latin word ‘innovare’ or innovate. The research journal is a compilation of double-blind peer-reviewed research articles from the Yearly International Research Conference on Emerging Information Technology Trends in Asia and the Pacific and best research papers of UA&P Information Technology students. The journal accepts original scholarly works in the areas of Information Technology, Computer Science, Information System, Computer Engineering, and allied disciplines.

About the International Research Conference On Emerging I.T. Trends in Asia and the Pacific

Time and again, the academic community has critiqued and analyzed the process of developing and implementing a customized detail oriented system for business entities. Successfully, with the empowering guidance of the information technology industry, information technology educators has shortened the gap between the academe and industry despite being in the confines of a class session. Capstone Projects is an attestation and visual proof that the bridge between academe and industry has been reduced.

However, as both education and industry synergizes, information technology rapidly changes and grows because of the need to INNOVATE. Technology Integration has become a fundamental process of innovation coupled with precision and efficiency. It has become therefore a need to collaborate ideas in order to overcome the roadblock brought about by technological advancement

1st International Research Conference

The UA&P Department of Information Science and Technology presents the Research Conference on Emerging Information Technology Trends in Asia and the Pacific 2017 with the theme “Information Technology Solutions for Business Problem.” The conference provides an avenue for professionals, academicians, practitioners, and students to submit and present original research papers in the following areas
but not limited to:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems
  • Information Technology

2nd International Research Conference

The UA&P Department of Information Science and Technology presents the 2nd International Research Conference on Emerging Information Technology Trends in Asia and the Pacific 2018 with the theme “Information Technology Research for Human Development.” The theme of the conference gives emphasis on the role of Information Technology Research in order to promote human development through poverty alleviation, social entrepreneurship, citizenship and civic responsibility, family studies, youth and character education, among others.

3rd International Research Conference

The UA&P Department of Information Science and Technology held the 3rd International Research Conference on Emerging Information Technology Trends in Asia and the Pacific 2019 on April 22, 2019 at the University of Asia and the Pacific, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The conference aims to bring together researchers from various international and local universities to engage in an academic discussion regarding different areas of computer studies by presenting their research and receiving scholarly feedback from the rest of the academic community. The conference was endorsed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Philippines.

4th International Research Conference

Among the questions and issues the conference seek to examine and explore are: What are the different database design strategies that will enhance internet and information security standards? Practice and exercise Data Privacy during data gathering and project development, issues pertaining on the use of Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and implementation of Information Systems.

Download the Book of Proceedings here.

Motosense – Intelligent Motorcycle Safety Automation with Breathe Alcohol Content (BAC) and Ignition Interlock Device


Active Noise Reduction Using Wavelet Transform

Home Automation Using Google Voice

Automated Plant Irrigation with Message Alert



5th International Research Conference

Information technology is a very powerful tool in improving the lives of people. We now live in the world where individuals are both aware and unknowingly engaged in automation, communication, transportation and other activities that uses information technology in order to perform their daily tasks. These undertakings reflects on the goals, directions and objectives set by industry organizations having people and how their education was founded. The industry becomes the basis of educational institution to mold the new generation with the ultimate goal in life, which is to live life and to provide.

Download the Book of Proceedings here.

Unihub: Central Repository Web Application for the IICS-IT Department of the University of Santo Tomas

Cultural Web Application for Mandaya Ethnolinguistic Group of Maragusan, Compostela Valley (IICS Community Development)

Network Infrastructure Redesign and VLAN Configuration of Marikina City Hall

Applying Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing and Network Enhancement on the Network Infrastructure of JourneyTech., Inc.

Enhanced Network Design and Security Implementation for Kaunlaran High School

6th International Research Conference

The 6th International Research Conference on Emerging IT Trends in Asia and the Pacific was held on November 18, 2020. The Conference Theme was: “Establishing Operational Continuity in Education and Business Through the Use of Information Technology.” The theme of the conference emphasizes on the use of information technology as an operational continuity protocol for education and business as means of sustainability. Research entries are highly focused on the areas of COVID19 related applications.

Papers Presented

E-Jeep NN: An Android E-Jeep Guide App with GPS and Open Trip Planner API for the New Normal
Abegail S. Commandao, Walfredo G. Santos, Londren U. Velasco, Jeffrey G. Romano, Raymond S. Macatangga, DIT
Our Lady of Fatima University

Development of Learning Management System and Its Effect in Students’ Academic Performance
Dr. Josan D. Tamayo
Centro Escolar University Malolos

Application of an Agile Methodology using a Scrum Framework for a Pharmaceutical Inventory System
Alicia Kate S. Imperial, Gerard Joseph F. Solis, Timothy Ryan B. Guevara, Giuseppe Ng
University of Asia and the Pacific

Development and Implementation of Material Requirements Planning with Payment Tracking System for Company XYZ
William Chan, Peter Lim, Isabella Molo, Rommel Deocaris
University of Asia and the Pacific

7th International Research Conference

It is logically agreed and practiced in actual that information technology is the avenue of virtualization. The world took a moment of pause from what was the norm to the newly coined “new normal” when the COVID19 pandemic spread globally. It remains to say that the single threat to the existence of humans is the virus. Virtualization is key to provide continuity and augment the norm accustomed by society. Researchers, specifically in computing programs develop and implement systems designed to aid in combat the further spread of the pandemic and gain ground towards developing a vaccine.

The 7th Information Technology Research Conference was held on April 14, 2021. The Book of Proceedings can be downloaded here.

IST Student Lab Research Exhibit

The IST Student Lab Research Exhibit intends to inspire students, researchers and professionals in shining a spotlight on potential research gaps and developments that can potentially further the advancement of the field of Information Technology and Computer Science. As such, the papers provided here are preliminary works, and unreviewed. These works are distributed with the intention to solicit feedback from specialists and experts in the field. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the IST department.

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