Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards 2022 opens call for entriesThe pioneer award show globally that recognizes campaigns on effective brand purpose, the APAC Tambuli awards has opened its call for entries for 2022. Materials released between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 are eligible to enter. Campaigns that run in 2020 that have not been previously entered may also be submitted. The deadline for submission of entries is set for April 4, 2022. The awards night will be held online on June 7. Entry forms may be downloaded at

New this year is the introduction of the corporate purpose categories. At Tambuli Awards, corporate purpose is defined as the core reason for why a business exists, as reflected in its mission, vision, goals, strategic direction, culture, and practices, for the common good of its employees, other stakeholders, and the communities they serve. Tambuli believes that for brand purpose to be truly effective and genuine, it must be rooted in an authentic and effective corporate purpose.

The corporate purpose categories will be evaluated on the effective implementation of practices or programs by an organization that put into action their corporate purpose in core areas such as product development, supply chain and logistics, sales and distribution, organization culture and human resources, and so on, creating impact for the common good of its employees, other stakeholders, and the communities they serve. The jury will award corporate purpose programs that are core to the business, and not ancillary initiatives typically under corporate social responsibility.

The APAC Tambuli Awards celebrates brands that show the seamless integration of creativity + brand purpose + results. Case study entries must demonstrate how brands uplift society, create positive change, and correlate purpose with purchase.

The APAC Tambuli Awards is not an award on charity, advocacy, pro bono, or CSR advertising, even if those campaigns are welcome and encouraged to enter. The award, however, focuses on mainstream brand campaigns that celebrate humanity, inspire purpose, and deliver results.

This award show is organized from Manila by the School of Communication of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) in collaboration with industry partners. For inquiries, contact [email protected] and [email protected].