A new book that sheds light on the possible pathways to prosperity via agribusiness will be out starting March 20.

Written by Prof. Rolando T. Dy of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), “Agribusiness: Pathways to Prosperity” contains 63 articles that cover the global and ASEAN perspectives, the local scene and industry/business specific concerns.

Poverty in the Philippines is an agricultural phenomenon. The rural sector hosts over half of the Philippine population. Rural poverty is severe at 30 percent in the national poverty incidence of 21.6 percent. Of the total poor, farmers and fisherfolk comprise two-thirds.

Benchmarking the Philippines with ASEAN peers shows that the country severely lags in farm productivity (except in bananas and pineapples), crop diversification, and agri-food exports.

Addressing the causes of rural poverty can be daunting. Many have tried and failed. But the success stories of the ASEAN peers are testaments that poverty can be significantly reduced.

This book provides analyses and lessons on the possible pathways to rural prosperity.

“Agribusiness: Pathways to prosperity” is the fourth book on agribusiness authored by Professor Dy. It will be a useful reference for agribusiness practitioners, economists, researchers, policymakers, students and the general public.

The articles are stand-alone pieces and need not be read in sequence. Most of them were published in MAPping the Future in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, MAP Insights in BusinessWorld, and in the UA&P Food and Agri Business Monitor.

Dy’s earlier books include “Agribusiness and Rural Progress:  Actions for Poverty Reduction” released in 2017, “Agribusiness and Inclusive Growth: An Expert’s Advocacy” in 2015, and “Food for Thought:  How Agribusiness is Feeding the World” in 2009.  Professor Dy has also co-authored several other books.

Dy is the Executive Director of UA&P’s Center for Food and Agri Business, and Academic Director of the UA&P Agribusiness Executives’ Program (AEP). He has been an observer of international agribusiness development for nearly 40 years, with engagements in the ASEAN countries, especially Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Proceeds of the book sales will fund scholarships to the AEP.

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