The Asia Pacific Studies Department of the College of Arts and Sciences invites everyone to an online short course on “Con/figuring ASEAN Futures,” a webinar-workshop for career-driven professionals and interested participants from the humanities, social sciences, and other related disciplines. It will be held via Zoom and Canvas on June 21 to June 23, 2023 (Wednesday to Friday).

The webinar covers three days of online synchronous and asynchronous sessions about the present and the future of the only meaningful security forum in the Asia Pacific and one of the most influential organizations in the world – the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The speakers are as follows:

Atty. Lily Freida M. Milla, CESO IV
OIC, Office of the Deputy Executive Director and
Director, International Affairs Service
Commission on Higher Education

Dr. Elizabeth T. Urgel
Asia Pacific Studies Department, UA&P

Dr. Ma. Concepcion R. Lagos
Asia Pacific Studies Department, UA&P

The registration fee is Php 1,800.00.

You may register here. For inquiries, please email [email protected].

Con/figuring ASEAN Futures