Starting tomorrow April 1, confessions will resume at the Sancta Maria Stella Orientis Oratory confessional area. Appointment tickets are no longer required, but everyone is asked to observe health and safety protocols at all times.

Penitents may refer to the confession schedule for the day, which will be posted at the entrance of the Development Communications Building (DCB) and updated daily around 4:30 pm, to ensure that there is a confessor available at their preferred time. They may also view the schedules online.

Priests may only stay during their appointed shift (9:00-11:45 am; 12:00-1:45 pm; 2:00-4:15 pm; and 4:30-6:45 pm), so penitents are requested to not go beyond the schedule of their confessor. Penitents are also advised to arrive half an hour early to allot time for queuing.