CORE - Continuing Real-World EducationUA&P’s Continuing Real-World Education (CORE) launched its Power CORE –  Communication seminar last October 4, 2022 with a 3-hour workshop for CEVA Animal Health Philippines, Inc. Ms. Minnie Guizano, CORE’s Content Development Lead, delivered the workshop.

Power CORE – Communication is one of three modules in the Power CORE series. Power CORE took inspiration from a study by LinkedIn Philippines on their clients’ recruitment activities. Based on the study, most companies look for three skills among employees – communication, problem solving, and strategic thinking – which LinkedIn collectively referred to as power skills. These skills were also seen to be critical across roles, making employees who possess them highly mobile and transferrable.

The module focused on the communication process and the attendant skills needed to deliver presentations effectively. The workshop will end on October 17, 2022 with a series of presentations from the participants.

For more information on Power CORE and UA&P-CORE’s other programs, please visit or email [email protected].