This October, the UA&P student theater organization Dulaang Rock Opera Company (ROC) will stage its Newbies Production entitled “Sibol: Ang Pag-usbong.” The production is composed of three plays which will be streamed at Dulaang ROC’s Facebook page.

The first play, entitled “Free,” (written by Ria Manalese and directed by Samantha Co) tackles the hardships one would face going from “friend” to “boyfriend” especially in an online setting. “Online Bardagulan,” (written by Katherine Jose and directed by Noel Galdo)  highlights the importance of friendship even in the face of adversity. The last play “Patay na si Pendleton” (written by Nico Vicente directed by Andrei Figueroa and Jivan Butiong) focuses on the disparities between the powerful and the poor.

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