Here are quick answers to your frequently asked questions about the University.

Does UA&P offer a senior high school program?
We offer more than senior high school. UA&P offers a six-year integrated program (6YP) which consists of two years of senior high school (Junior College), a three-year Undergraduate program, and should one qualify, a one-year Master’s degree program. Learn more about 6YP here.

What undergraduate programs does UA&P offer?
UA&P offers innovative programs in humanities, media and communication, economics, education, political economy, business, industrial engineering, IT, and data science. You may browse through our program offerings here.

I heard that UA&P offers fast-track programs that can make me earn both my Undergraduate degree and Master’s degree in five years. What programs are these?
These are our pioneering five-year programs which allow students to take their Bachelor’s degree in four years and their Master’s degree in one year. You may browse through our five-year programs here. We also offer the seven-year Lex Honors program which allows a student to take a three-year pre-law course followed by the standard four-year law program. You may read up on the program here.

I am currently working and would like to take further studies. What graduate programs are available for me?
We offer both degree and non-degree programs to professionals that will allow them to manage both their work and studies. We have programs in business analytics, business economics, education, organization development, IT, Juris Doctor (Law), management, and political economy. You may look for a program compatible with your experience and professional plans here. The admissions period and process varies per program. You may get in touch directly with the School offering the program through the contact details provided on the website.

What makes UA&P programs different?
Liberal education makes UA&P programs stand out. It trains students to look at ideas with a critical eye, an analytical mind, and ethical judgment, and to understand issues from differing points of view and communicate persuasively, which are critical qualities and skills sought after by organizations. The rigorous academic and professional training offered by UA&P programs have earned our alumni a solid reputation in several industries and allowed at least 76% of our alumni to be employed within four months after graduation.

Can I still apply for undergraduate studies for SY20-21?
Not anymore. The application period ended last June 16.

I was accepted. What is my next step?
You may proceed with enrollment. For the complete enrollment procedure, you may visit this link. Deadline is on July 15, 2020. Parents of students who are officially enrolled at UA&P have the option to view online the summary of grades and current schedule of classes of their son/daughter through the Personal Identification Number (PIN) the school will issue, provided that they submit the parent pin form upon enrolment here.

JCAAP stands for Junior College Academic Assistance program whereas FAAP is short for Freshman Academic Assistance Program. A number of students (please refer to acceptance letter) are asked to complete JCAAP/FAAP as part of your requirement for admission. These bridging programs in English and Math will better prepare and equip you to hurdle the academic rigors of the University.

Can I enroll in FAAP/JCAAP along with my regular classes?
Yes. A 2nd batch of FAAP/JCAAP English has been opened for those who missed the 1st batch during the midyear term. FAAP/JCAAP Math and English (Batch 2) will have to be taken during the first semester along with regular subjects.

When is the deadline of enrollment for FAAP/JCAAP classes?
Enrolment is only until July 15, 2020. You may view the FAAP/JCAAP fees here. Please refer to the link above for the enrolment procedures.

How much are the school fees?
You may view fees here. These fees are based on the regular number of units expected per school/college and program, plus corresponding other school fees. Please proceed with payment based on your selected payment scheme and deduct the Php 7,000 confirmation fee (if already paid). Should there be changes in the number of units, the student shall be notified of the adjustment at the start of the term.

What are the payment methods available?
Apart from over-the-counter bank transactions, you may opt to pay online and view your options here. To request online payment via credit card, please email [email protected] with the following details:

complete student name and student number
course/program and year level
type of credit card (local or foreign)
payment for: e.g., outstanding balance, midyear fees, tuition for SY 2020-2021

You may process payment once you receive a billing request. If you are transferring funds from another bank account to BPI which requires contact details, you may use the following number: 0920 952 3802.

Can I pay in installments?
Yes. UA&P provides various payment schemes to assist you in providing for your child’s educational needs. In case you cannot pay the full amount (Scheme A), you may opt to pay in two (Scheme B) or three (Scheme C) installments. You may also request to pay through your credit card and extend your payment term to 12 months.

I was not accepted. Can I appeal or apply for reconsideration?
Not anymore. The application period for reconsideration ended last June 16.

When do classes start?
First semester will begin on August 10, 2020. Classes will be delivered online.

What is blended learning?
Due to the current situation, UA&P will adopt blended learning, which is a mix of online and face-to-face approaches and synchronous and asynchronous delivery of classes. During the 1st semester, classes will be fully online. You may refer to this link for details on UA&P’s plans for blended learning SY2020-2021 as well as information on Canvas, our official learning management system. For a summary, you may read our Primer on Blended Learning.

How do I use Canvas?
You may access the full student guide here. For further inquiries or concerns, you may email [email protected].

I am an incoming 1st year/6YP student. When will I get a UA&P email and Canvas account?
All 6YP and Freshmen enrolled students this SY20-21 will receive their accounts anytime between July 20-25, 2020. Once the accounts are created, a welcome email will be sent containing all pertinent information to kick start the new semester.

I am having problems with my account. Who do I ask for help?
Please submit a ticket here.

What tools do I need to undertake blended learning?
Since we expect to conduct online classes under the blended learning approach, students must have the following:

learning device (preferably a laptop, desktop, or tablet)
reliable Internet access (mobile data, broadband, or fiber subscription)

I do not have enough resources for the required tools. Can UA&P help me?
UA&P is working on discounted educational packages with Internet service providers. We will update you once these packages are ready.

I don’t think I’m ready for online learning. Will UA&P assist me?
We understand your concern. UA&P will provide student support services to help you transition to and cope with blended learning. One of these is a specialized orientation on how students can study in a blended learning environment.

I’m a current student. How do I enlist?
You may enlist your subjects online through the Enlistment Portal.

When is the enrollment period for current students?
Enrolment period is from August 3-7. Enrollment schedule and guidelines per year level will be released a week before the actual enrollment date. The Registrar’s Office regularly updates the Student Portal with announcements. Dates will be posted there once available. You may also visit the Registrar’s Office’s official Facebook page for updates.

What support services are available to students?
Our Center for Student Affairs (CSA) currently provides the following support services:

• Mentoring program
• Online consultations with guidance counselors/psychologist
• THRIVE Mental Health Campaign
• Access to Peer Facilitators
• Social and Cultural Hub

You may click on the links to visit the pages to know how you can avail of the support services. Due to the transition to blended learning, we are continuing to develop our services for online delivery. Other services you can expect soon are:

• Academic support for effective transition to online learning
• Virtual career fair and career essentials
• Freshstart online (freshman orientation)

For other student services, you may email [email protected] or visit their Facebook page.

What is mentoring and what can I expect from it?
Mentoring is part of the personalized education that UA&P offers. It consists of one-on-one sessions with an assigned mentor that provides students an opportunity to avail themselves of personal advising and assistance in their personal, professional, and social life in the University. You may read more about mentoring here.

Will mentoring continue?
Yes, since mentoring is part of the personalized education that UA&P offers, it will continue in the form of online and face-to-face sessions. The face-to-face sessions will resume only when students are allowed to return on campus.

What extracurricular activities can I join?
UA&P has a diverse selection of clubs, organizations, and varsities that will enable students to grow in their student life, meet new friends, and develop skills by immersing themselves in arts and culture, civics and leadership, and sports and athletics. For information on these student organizations and activities, you may visit UA&P Student Life or the respective Facebook pages of the student organizations. You may also visit the Facebook pages of the CSA-Office of Student Development and the UA&P University Student Government on ways you can participate in activities and initiatives.

In light of the community quarantine restrictions, most student activities are held online. However, on-campus activities will resume once government regulations allow the conduct of these activities.

Will I still be able to continue with my extracurricular activities?
UA&P believes that extracurricular activities are essential to holistic formation. You are free to join our diverse selection of clubs, organizations, and varsities that will enable you to grow in your student life, meet new friends, and develop skills. For information on these student organizations and activities, you may visit UA&P Student Life or the respective Facebook pages of the student organizations. You may also visit the Facebook pages of the CSA-Office of Student Development and the UA&P University Student Government on ways you can participate in activities and initiatives.

When is the exam schedule for SY21-22?
First exam date will likely be on the first week of September, while application period opens in August. Exact dates will be announced on our website and social media pages once available. The application process will be published together with the exam schedule. You may view the previous intake’s application process here.

Do you offer scholarships?
Students who are interested to apply for a scholarship must take the first batch of entrance exams. Application for scholarships must be submitted together with other requirements for admission. You may visit this link for information on scholarship applications and packages.

I am a scholar. How do I renew my scholarship?
You may refer to your scholarship agreement for the requirements and deadline for renewal. Should you have concerns regarding your scholarship, you may email [email protected] (for academic scholars) and [email protected] (for athletic scholars).

I did not meet the requirements for scholarship retention. Can I appeal?
Academic scholars may email [email protected] for inquiries while athletic scholars may email [email protected].

Can I enter the UA&P campus for transactions?
Schools are not yet allowed to operate on-campus until the community quarantine is lifted. Thus, students and guests are not allowed on campus for the time being. Processes have been moved online. You may inquire on the website’s live chat feature for directions.

In case you would like to familiarize yourself with our campus, you may avail of our 360 degree virtual tour.

When can I visit the campus?
Students will be allowed to visit the campus once government regulations allow face-to-face classes to resume. You may expect an announcement from us once we are prepared to accept students and guests on campus.

How safe is the UA&P campus once it is open to the public?
Once UA&P resumes its on-campus operations after the community quarantine is lifted, it will implement health and safety protocols for all members of the University community in compliance with government requirements. For the first semester of SY 2020-2021, students are not expected to be present on-campus as classes will be delivered fully online through Canvas. However, should the government already lift the suspension of face-to-face classes, students may enter the campus, provided they abide by the health and safety protocols. We will issue these health and safety protocols in an opportune time.

You may view the Academic Guidelines for 2020 here.


If you have further queries, you may send an email to the following:

Admissions: [email protected]
Registrar: [email protected]
Accounting: [email protected]
Center for Student Affairs: [email protected]
Academic Technologies: [email protected]
For general inquiries: [email protected]
For ICT concerns, please submit a ticket here.