Below are practical tips on how to prepare for the UA&P Entrance Exams for SY 2019-20.

Bring a jacket.

The testing venues are in PLDT and Telengtan Halls found at the 4th and 5th floors of the APEC Communications Building respectively. These spaces will be the only rooms open during exam day, so the air conditioning for the entire building will be focused on these two rooms. Trust us it will be cold, so bring a jacket and a scarf, just in case.

Bring lots of pens and pencils.

We have heard of students who broke five pencils and much to their chagrin, had to borrow from a seatmate. We highly suggest you bring as much writing materials as you can to save you the hassle of borrowing from someone else. Not only will this save time, but you get to focus on your exam as well.

Sugar is your friend.

The exam will take 3-4 hours. Eating a heavy breakfast will be a big help, but there is the possibility of experiencing a sugar crash towards the middle of the exam. Paired with the temperature, you might get sleepy and lose focus while taking the exam. A stash of candies and/or chocolate bars will help spike your low energy and keep you alert until the last sentence of your essay.

Study for the scope.

The test will focus on three main aspects: English, Math and Abstract Reasoning. College entrance exams assess your capacity in grammar, logic and rhetoric, mid-level math, as well as psychometrics that gauge the overall capacity of each student in becoming UA&P students.

Don’t stress.

Other exam takers might finish in less than the prescribed time. Perhaps you will be one of the last people in the room with only five minutes to spare, and is yet to see the essay page. Whatever you do, do not stress yourself out by rushing the test. It is suggested that you skip a question if you cannot answer it immediately. Try to look over the entire test before answering it. Make sure that you come in relaxed and comfortable, with enough rest on you.

With enough preparation and focus, the UA&P College Entrance Exam will be a walk in the park.

The UA&P Special Entrance Exam for SY 2019-20 is scheduled on April 7. We wish all test-takers the best!