Meet Amber Hall, the nine-storey white building that sits next to the Development Communication Building of UA&P. With pillars and balconies the color of desert sand, canopies of different designs, and lateral sides accentuated by a top-to-bottom glass and metal column showing halls and stairways, the structure sure catches attention.

  1. What is Amber Hall?

Amber Hall is a joint project of the University of Asia and the Pacific Foundation, Inc. (UAPFI) and the University Center Foundation, Inc. (UCF).

It is an academic and cultural development center for men, which provides facilities and programs for the following:

  • Study, group work, and academic consultations
  • Broadening one’s general knowledge and culture
  • Growth in the human and social virtues
  • Deepening in one’s Christian values and spiritual life
  1. What does the partnership entail?

UAPFI provided the land on which Amber Hall is built. On the other hand, UCF is tasked with putting up and managing the facility and providing continuing education programs for senior high school and university students, and professionals.

  1. What benefits do both institutions stand to gain from the project?

For UA&P, Amber Hall will provide a housing facility and a conducive venue for the integral formation of male students, faculty, and staff of the University. UCF, for its part, will have a facility for its various programs, which cater mostly to UA&P students, faculty and staff.

  1. How was the construction of the building funded?

UCF raised all the funds needed for the project. The building is owned by UAPFI.

  1. Will Amber Hall be organizationally part of the University?

No, Amber Hall will not form part of UA&P. It will be an accredited housing facility for male students, faculty, and staff. It will be managed independently by UCF. Everything that has to do with operations, including finances, will be taken care of by UCF.

  1. Will UA&P have oversight functions on Amber Hall?

Representatives of UA&P and Amber Hall shall be sitting together in the UA&P-Amber Hall Coordinating Council. In this forum, they can bring up issues and concerns between Amber Hall and the University.

  1. Is there a similar facility for women?

The Balanghai Study Center has been operating since 1994 to provide the same kind of programs for female students. It does not provide lodging facilities for students, however.

For inquiries, contact the following:

Dr. Arwin Vibar | Managing Director, Amber Hall

Mr. James Lactao | Dean of Programs | Amber Drive University Center

Email: [email protected]