How UA&P OCS helps get stude 1The Office of Career Services (OCS), under the Center for Student Affairs (CSA), provides students and graduates assistance in career building and development. OCS builds relationships with different industry sectors and serves as the channel in connecting students with industry partners in terms of hiring, talent acquisition, and other recruitment-related activities.

OCS also guarantees that information and news relevant to corporate trends, talent hiring, and job market data, among others, are available to UA&P students and graduates.


Programs and projects


(Virtual) Career Essentials

Career Essentials is composed of activities that orient and prepare graduating students and incoming interns on the things they need to prepare when looking for a job after their graduation or internship site. It also provides a simulation of the job search process by conducting activities such as interview simulation and resume/portfolio assessment.

Career Essentials activities are positioned to dovetail with the Career Fair which is held on a later date. Usual topics for the Career Essentials activities are as follows:

  • What’s in a Resumé or Portfolio Writing
  • Basic Philippine Labor Law
  • UpSkilling (2 parts) 
  • How to Ace that Virtual Interview
  • Job Searching in the New Normal
  • Starting a Start-Up

Recorded videos of the activities are also available, however, OCS requires registration to access these.


Featured Company of the Month

Company partners are given the opportunity to showcase their brand and company initiatives through the Featured Company of the Month program. Each month a company partner is invited to showcase different aspects of their company. This includes any or all of the following: (1) promotion of the company, upcoming activities/projects, and active job and internship opportunities on CSA–OCS social media pages; (2) conduct interview simulations and offer CV consultation; and (3) organise and host webinars, career talks, and workshops.

Note: these activities may be exclusive or non-exclusive to the UA&P audience.


(Virtual) Career Fair

Career Fair is an annual interactive and networking institutional event open to the UA&P community wherein jobseekers, incoming interns, and companies meet. This enables seekers, especially the graduating students, incoming interns, and alumni search for jobs, internships, and other opportunities. It also serves as a networking event between students, professors, and company partners.

For this school year, there will be a mini (virtual) Career Fair in November 2021, while the major event will be in April 2022.


OCS Apprentice

OCS Apprentice is composed of student volunteers that serve as the auxiliary team of the CSA–OCS. It aims to train student volunteers on basic events organization and coordination, establishing networks and linkages, and the likes by providing relevant hands-on experience on the different career development and placement-related activities and projects under the OCS. It also provides an avenue where students can exhibit and develop professionalism, leadership, adaptability, critical thinking, creativity, and accountability. The group also assists in the preparations and conduct of the different projects/activities under the OCS.


Job Help

The Starter Kit is a compilation of online resources, such as articles and videos, which serves as a guide for new job seekers. It covers three sections — (1) Job searching, (2) Pre-employment, and (3) Productivity.

The “Job Search” section features tips and resources on personal branding, resume writing, job interview, power dressing, social media management, and employment testing. It also includes articles from the UA&P Career Fair 2019 Booklet — “A Dragon’s Guide to Job Hunting.” The “Pre-Employment” section contains information regarding applications for SSS, Pag-Ibig, PhilHealth, NBI clearance, birth certificate, PRC license, Civil Service eligibility, and more. In addition, it also includes a short reminder on how to request for theTranscript of Records. The third section on “Productivity” showcases different online materials about performance, telecommuting, motivation, self-care, work relationships, and the labor code. It also includes suggested platforms with online courses.

Access to the Starter Kit is limited to users, and at a limited time (December 2020). Thus, the link for the online kit was sent through email to those who signed-up to avail of this service.



The OCS has formally introduced and renewed collaborations with different companies as its valued partners through the signing of MoUs. Industry partners, in collaboration with CSA–OCS, provide different career-related activities to UA&P students. The list of industry partners will be available at the CSA website.


Job and Internship Postings

Employment and internship opportunities are published on the CSA website and/or CSA–OCS Facebook page.


Novena for Seeking Employment

The OCS  believes that an individual needs spiritual guidance in seeking employment. Through the free distribution of St. Escriva’s Novena for Seeking Employment, OCS aims to: (1) compliment the Student Services spiritual means of formation program, and (2) tap the spiritual formation of these seeking individuals which will lead them to the teachings of St. Escriva.

The newly published book is available as hard copy or as an ebook. Interested students and  graduates may send a request email and the OCS team will provide a link to the copy (via Google Books or Amazon Kindle) through their active account.



Paragon is a project that features alumni and their career journeys — from their career choices; job hunting experiences; and anecdotes about struggles, coping, and triumphs in their career or at the workplace. It aims to motivate students on the realities of graduating from UA&P and to aspire them to be better at what they do now.


Get in touch with the OCS

OCS does online Zoom meetings/chats on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 09:30 am to 10:30 am  and 01:30 pm to 3:00 pm. It serves as the virtual office, wherein students can “drop in” to meet and/or discuss activities or concerns about career readiness, placement, and the like. Drop-ins are usually 5 to 15 minutes maximum; should it be beyond this, scheduling an appointment is needed.

You may also reach the OCS via: