The UA&P Information Science and Technology department (IST) invites all research field experts and professionals to submit industry and technical articles to a special issue of the Innovatus journal, which publishes scholarly work related to: Information Technology and its Application through Business Information Systems, Business Analytics, Computer Education, and Internet of things (IoT). IST’s contribution to the academic community and to its industry partners, Innovatus puts a spotlight towards quality research and industry works that advance the role of Information Technology in society.

Innovatus: Special Issue on Digital Transformation in Business Information Systems will focus on technology and methods used to transform businesses, particularly in these areas, during the COVID-19 pandemic and how these will continue to apply moving forward.  Suitable research/capstone topics include but are not limited to:

  • Custom Systems Implementation supporting Remote Business Operations
  • Information Technology Entrepreneurship 
  • Business Analytics and Data Science and its Applications to Improve Businesses 
  • Business Information Systems 
  • Mobile Applications and Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • Educational Technology and Technology Integrations 
  • Information Systems in Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Transportation 
  • E-commerce 

(Keywords: Business Information Systems, Digital Transformation, Custom Systems, Remote Work, Information Technology Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, Data Science, Internet of Things, E-commerce, Online Learning)

Innovatus aims to be the publication venue that engages in Information Technology research conversation through: 

  • Research Ideas and Industry Insights – Innovatus accepts paper submissions focused on applied research and its impact on the IT industry and businesses.
  • Research Dissemination – Innovatus aims at expanding the distribution of quality research work through Philippine E-Journals and Google Scholar.
  • Quality Expert Reviewers – Research papers will be evaluated by experts from Innovatus connections in the academe and industry. 
  • Industry Representation – Innovatus is guided by a blend of academicians and industry practitioners in the editorial board. 
  • Quick Feedback – Innovatus ensures quick turnaround time so that authors will know immediately regarding the first decision on their submitted article. 
  • Open Access – Innovatus supports open access research which can lead to higher visibility of published articles that can further enhance future research works and citations. 

Papers submitted under this category will require a peer review phase with evaluators consulting the editor-in-chief regarding revisions and its acceptance for publication. The submission guidelines and the submission portal can be found here. Article Processing Charge (APC) will be waived for now. 

For inquiries, please email Mr. Giuseppe Ng at [email protected].