With the embracing of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), both academe and industry have roles in the advancement of a wide range of technologies. The adoption of Smarter Devices, Internet of Things (IoT), Robot Process Automation, Edge Computing and Digital Transformation has made its development vital in improvements in various industries and businesses.

The continued progress in Datafication, Business Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning allows society to break new ground in different areas, from education, to business decision making, to even ethics-related discussion in the continued use of these technologies.

In developing Augmented, Virtual, and Extended Reality technologies, the enrichment of our digital experiences continues well into the entertainment, and the education space. The use of such dynamic forms of media can enhance learning courses through providing immersive experiences be it in traditional course deliveries to training-based courses such as driving.

In the advent of the development of Fintech and Cybersecurity, there is a need to better understand and improve Digital Trust, BlockChain technologies, and other related technologies as society continues to increase its adoption in the financial, and business sectors.

For this special issue, we hope to enhance the discourse through the publication of the following:

  • Related original research articles, capstone projects;
  • Related expert opinion, perspective and commentary pieces; and
  • Research works that fall under Information Technology and Digital Transformation, Data Science
    and Business Analytics, FinTech, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and related fields.

Keywords: Business Information Systems, Digitalization, Information Technology, Business Analytics, Data Science, E-commerce, Online Learning, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence

All expert opinion, perspective and commentary pieces should be evidence-based and drawn from personal expertise with logical reasoning, backed by properly cited literature, and need not present new research results or findings.

Important Dates
Full Paper Submission Deadline: April 15, 2023
Time to First Decision: Approximately 4 weeks after submission confirmation

Papers submitted under this category will require a peer review phase with evaluators consulting the editor-in-chief regarding revisions and its acceptance for publication. The submission guidelines can be found in the submission portal. Article Processing Charge (APC) will be waived for now as it is supported by the University of Asia and the Pacific.

For inquiries, please email Mr. Giuseppe Ng at [email protected].

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