Do you know what it takes to be a Data Privacy Officer or a member of the Privacy Office? You may need principles to be more effective and efficient.

The “Introduction to 7 Habits for Data Privacy Practitioners” workshop is based on the timeless principles of the teachings of Dr. Stephen Covey and “Privacy by Design” by Dr. Ann Cavoukin (former Privacy Commissioner of Canada). It will focus on the seven foundational principles in Data Privacy: (1) Pro-active not Reactive (2) Privacy as Default Setting (3) Privacy Embedded into Design (4) Full Functionality – Positive Sum Not Zero Sum (5) Visibility and Transparency (6) Data Sharing, Outsourcing Agreement (SLA), and (7) Apply, Experience It, Learn from Experience, Certify.

By the end of the session, each participant will learn:

  • Privacy Mission, Vision and Strategy
  • How not to procrastinate and take initiative
  • Success Framework
  • Balance priorities
  • Improve interpersonal communications
  • Tips on how to talk and present to your board or management committee for effective influencing

For inquiries and registration, please e-mail or call 09257956068.

Deadline of registration is February 14.

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