The daily grind in law school is anything but a walk in the park. The voluminous reading assignments, the probing recitations, and the arduous exams are meant to form and sharpen the mind, fortify the spirit, and develop the character to equip the student-warrior for the eventual practice of the noble profession of law. At the UA&P Institute of Law (ILAW), the rigor and toughness of the demands are assuaged by an environment where there is always an ear to listen, a hand to grasp, a shoulder to carry a load, and a lip moved to prayer. ILAW teaches law in a setting that nurtures and fosters excellence and a spirit of community and fellowship rooted in a meaningful relationship with God. For indeed, every great achievement is possible only with much enduring and prayer.

ILAW is grateful and humbled by an almost perfect performance in the 2019 Bar Examinations of its 2nd batch of Bar examinees, and a perfect passing rate of its 2019 graduates. We do not gloat over what seems to be a success, but we are encouraged and inspired to dream more, learn further, work harder, and achieve greater heights as we journey through our 7th year of existence.

To ILAW Faculty: We thank you and admire you for your amazing resilience, and a deep sense of commitment and dedication. You have beautifully manifested that, to you, teaching is truly a vocation. We thank you deeply for being our invaluable and indispensable partners in carrying out UA&P’s mission of developing and shaping the mind and character of our students for the service of God and others. We are blessed to have you in ILAW.

To ILAW Students: We beckon you to be steadfast in your dreams, resolute in your efforts, and unwavering in your faith amidst difficulties and challenges. We have shown that as a community driven by common goals and aspirations and with a deep sense of fellowship and fraternity, we can do it. And with God’s grace and blessing, we will continue to do it!

To the 2019 Bar-Passers: Felicitations! Thank you for allowing ILAW to be part of your dreams and to journey with you to make those dreams a reality. Thank you for being concrete models of grit, discipline, fortitude, patience, courage, and faith. You have carved out a path that has inspired our students to tread and follow.

As you embark on a new and exciting journey, we urge you to remember and treasure the date – April 29, 2020 – when you were transposed to the middle of the universe amidst the cheers and praises of your families and loved ones. Your UA&P community likewise rejoices with you and is mighty proud of you. March on, shine out, create ripples, as you carry the torch of the UA&P spirit of genuine service and love of God throughout your legal career. Godspeed and best wishes, our Dragon Lawyers!


Maria Concepcion S. Noche
Dean, Institute of Law