UA&P students are known for their holistic education, easily mixing both academics and co-curricular activities that shape them into trailblazing Dragons ready to take on the world. For the past fifty years, UA&P have always regarded lessons from sports and organizations equivalent to lessons from the classroom.

It took some time, but in 2017 UA&P finally introduced athletic scholarships to students and incoming students. We talked to two athletic scholars, Luis Miguel Cacho and Marco Jacobo Daez, both members of the Men’s Futsal varsity, and told us what being a sports scholar means to them.

What is your name, year level and course?

Louie Cacho: Luis Miguel Cacho, third year, IMC.

Coby Daez: Marco Jacobo Daez, second year, IMC.

What sport are you a varsity in?

Louie: Futsal

Coby: Futsal

How does it feel like being one of the first athletic scholars of UA&P?

Louie: It feels good to be a pioneer since no one has to balance a sports scholarship and academics before.

Coby: It’s an honor to be one of the first and few chosen athletes worthy of a sports scholarship. I am both humbled and grateful for this opportunity.

How did you get admitted as an athletic scholar?

Louie: My coach offered the opportunity.

Coby: I applied for the sports scholarship and was admitted into the program later on.

What does it mean to be an athletic scholar? What is the criteria in getting an athletic scholarship, and what does it entail?

Louie: You play sports for the name of your school. The criteria is to be good at your sport and to maintain a GWA of 2.0 or better.

Coby: Being a sports scholar means that the school sees you as a worthy recipient for such an honor. It means that you performing well both academically and athletically. You must have an average GWA of 2.0 or higher and an excellent athletic evaluation from your coach. It entails that you perform excellently in your studies and in your sport.

Is it hard to maintain an athletic scholarship and your studies?

Louie: No because I’ve been balancing sports and studies since grade one.

Coby: It may be difficult at times but hard work and determination are all you need in order to easily maintain it.

What other co-curricular activities are you a member of? Are you active in that org as well?

Louie: I am not very active in orgs because I want to focus on what is important to me but I am a part of the Project Management Team.

Coby: I am part of the core team of Communitas, a member of Catalyst, a member of Anima, and a member of the PEER family. I am active in all of them.

If given the chance, would you play professionally?

Louie: I would love to play professionally but I am not talented enough to do so.

Coby: Yes.


UA&P now offers athletic and arts scholarship for current students and incoming freshmen. For more information regarding scholarships, click here. You can also contact the Admissions Office at 637-0912 locals 310 or 321.