Through the efforts of the BS Accountancy Program, the University of Asia and the Pacific has been accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Provider, with Accreditation Number 2017-128.

A CPD Program refers to a set of learning activities accredited by the CPD Council. This includes seminars, workshops, technical lectures or subject matter meetings, non-degree training lectures and scientific meetings, modules, tours and visits which equip the professionals with advanced knowledge, skills and values in specialized or in an inter- or multidisciplinary field of study, self-directed research and/ or lifelong learning.*

Corresponding CPD unit requirements for the renewal of PRC ID will be mandatory starting July 1, 2017. CPAs are required to comply a total of 120 units every three (3) years.

Dr. Victoria Q. Caparas, Program Director for the BS Accountancy program, has been conducting CPD seminars for the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA). She has taught nine CPD courses to over 2500 CPAs.

Please see attached certificate signed by the Chairman of the CPD Council of Accountancy Hon. Gerard B. Sanvictores.