Programs and activities of the Office of Student Development

The Office of Student Development (OSD), under the Center for Student Affairs (CSA), provides opportunities for growth and development through socio-civic and cultural programs and activities. It provides opportunities and avenues for students to participate in various projects and activities.

OSD has three sub-programs that handle a more specific range of activities to ensure learning and development even on activities that involve personal interest. These are Organizations and Leadership, Kultura, and Civics.


Organizations and Leadership

Organizations and Leadership program focuses on the development of student organizations and student leaders through assemblies, leadership workshops, and facilitating students’ participation in external opportunities.

  • Leadership Effectiveness and Attitude Development (LEAD) is a program for potential student leaders in their first and second years.
  • The Unitas Leaders Assembly (ULA) is an annual gathering of all student leaders which focuses on organizational development and strategic planning. Throughout the assembly, organization officers are re-familiarized with topics such as personal leadership, group dynamics, and presentation of plans.
  • Student Leaders Lounge (SLL) is a series of regular get-togethers with officers from recognized student organizations. A topic relevant to the formation of student leaders is chosen for each session.
  • The Unitas Awards (UA) is a yearly event that recognises the accomplishments of achieving SIGs, Associations, and Guilds. The event is done in collaboration with the Office of Sports Development and the University Student Government as well as other student groups in the university. The Unitas Awards are organized primarily to encourage more UA&P students to get involved in extra- and co-curricular activities, which are seen as vital in enriching their lives and completing their holistic education while they are members of the University community. 

Programs and activities of the Office of Student Development 2


Kultura is the arts and culture program, under the CSA–OSD, that seeks to preserve and promote culture and the arts and its significant role in liberal education. It aims to be an artistic and cultural hub that champions and celebrates aspiring and emerging artists in the community. Founded in 1995, Kultura relentlessly strives to advocate the transformative values of the arts through its array of programs and activities

  • Artists of UA&P is a campaign that brings together the artistic talents of UA&P to engage in conversations about their artistic practice, as well as the current trends and issues related to the field of arts and culture.
  • The Creative Musing is an enrichment program that consists of a series of arts workshops open to the UA&P community. The program aims to complement the art appreciation classes offered at the University and provide a platform that encourages artistic discovery and development.
  • The Kultura Arts Mentorship Program is a year-long development training for the Kultura Arts Guild/s (KAG), such as the UA&P Chorale. It provides artistic talents and art managers an opportunity to explore, enhance, and exhibit skills and talents under the mentorship of professionals and practicing artists.
  • The Kultura Arts and Culture Conference is an annual conference on emerging trends, research, and concepts related to art and culture. It Includes plenary talks, pocket performances, and an exhibit. It is scheduled to take place every February to commemorate National Arts Month.
  • The Kultura Volunteer Program (KVP) allows students to share their passion for the arts and contribute their skills and talents to the community by co-organizing arts programs and activities, such as the ones described above.

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The Civics program focuses on socio-civic initiatives and guides student organizations in the execution of their outreach projects. It aims to hone UA&P students’ sense of citizenship through its activities.

  • BIGGKAS+ is the university-wide extension program of UA&P under the supervision and guidance of the Center for Social Responsibility (CSR). The project name stands for the seven (7) basic initiative clusters, namely: Basa, Isip, Gawa, Galing, Katesismo, Arte and Sports. It is an institutional outreach program that aims to kindle the spirit of generosity and volunteerism among UA&P students, employees and alumni, as well as promote the values of charity, solidarity, and citizenship. In the current online learning scenario, OSD-Civics will implement BIGGKAS Online, a series of online learning sessions/ activities catering to its partner LGUs. These sessions will address concerns related to education, livelihood, health & wellness, etc. in relation to the current pandemic.
  • The Civitas Asia National Student Conference (civAsia) provides a venue for meaningful discourse about the Sustainable Development Goals and other related topics.
  • VolunTArYO promotes various advocacies and community involvement by featuring NGOs and volunteer opportunities, in celebration of the National Volunteers Month.
  • Salt and Light is a campaign that celebrates the value of kindness and compassion by giving recognition to outreach activities personally initiated by members of the UA&P community.
  • A.C.E.R.S., which stands for Advocates of Community Empowerment, Resilience, and Sustainability, is a volunteer program that aims to provide both students and alumni volunteers hands-on training and experience in organizing, implementing and evaluating socio-civic activities and projects under OSD-Civics, such as the ones listed above.

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