Students who earlier applied for graduation and are allowed to proceed with clearance will be notified in EmpowerED of the status: FOR EVALUATION. You may coordinate with your respective Program Course Evaluators if this does not appear in your account.

Please see this guide for the online clearance. Aside from the EmpowerED portal, you will have to process your clearance using Dragons’ Lair, which you may access here.

Please complete your clearance within the period of May 30 to July 15, 2022. The following Units are included with the indicated signatories. Compliance with the requirement in each Unit may be completed in any order.

Center for Student Affairs (CSA)
Ms. Arianne Vito Cruz – [email protected]

Office of Student Services-Discipline(CSA)
Ms. Corrie Medina – [email protected]

Library (LIB)
Ms. Hazel Pestio – [email protected]

Assets and Facilities Management (AFM)
Mr. Johnny Cristobal – [email protected]

Office of Alumni Affairs (OAA)
Ms. Macy Tulipat – [email protected]

Financial Management and Reporting (FMR)
Mr. Jhon Jason Hanopol – [email protected]

The Registrar’s Office will monitor the completion of all your academic subjects until mid-year (for those who have remaining subjects/ internships/ thesis prior to graduation). Once cleared to graduate, your status will show FOR FINAL LIST. Further announcements about the graduation ceremony will be released after that.

Please feel free to contact your REG Course Evaluators for any concerns:

All Graduate Programs including JD:
Ms. Annie N. Romblon – [email protected]

Ms. Ethel C. Dizon – [email protected]

Ms. Mina C. Zamora – [email protected]

Ms. Madeleine H. Biay – [email protected]