In partnership with Dualtech Training Center, UA&P held a roundtable discussion last September 6 with some partner companies on the matter of gaps and shortages in ICT skills. Sponsored by the UA&P Department of Information Science and Technology, the discussion touches on the various types of skill gaps and the attempts to address such gaps in the ICT sector.

Participating companies from the manufacturing, construction, and entertainment and recreation industries engaged in an exchange of ideas and suggestions to address these gaps, identifying a mix of technical skills and competencies that are needed to confront emerging technological trends and challenges.

The event was closed by Engr. Jerry Webb Muhi, President and Executive Director of Dualtech Training Center.

Dualtech Training Center is a private vocational school project established in 1982 that pioneered in adapting the German Dual Training System in the Philippines. The center trains over a thousand scholars from the poor sectors of society each year and partners with over a hundred companies in training them for eventual employment.