Beginning SY 2018-2019, the School of Education and Human Development (SED) will be offering two new majors under its two-year master’s degree program in Education:

  • Adolescent Development and Education
    This major is for master’s degree-seeking professionals who already have a bachelor’s degree in a specific field but who would like to hone their ability to teach and deal with adolescent students either in high school or in the early college years. The specialization is a good option for UA&P faculty members and staff who would like to obtain a master’s degree and enhance their knowledge of adolescent psychology and learning needs, as well as their teaching and research skills.
  • Values Education
    This major is for school personnel who are involved in teaching and guidance and counseling and who would like to integrate values in their teaching practice.

SED will also continue offering two other majors under the program:

  • Educational Leadership
    This major is primarily meant for school leaders and administrators (school personnel currently occupying or being prepared for leadership and managerial positions in their schools).
  • Early Childhood Education
    This major is for people who teach or would like to teach in preschools and primary (up to Grade 3) schools or who would like to eventually set up and run their own preschools and primary schools.

The curricula for these specializations may be viewed/downloaded here. For all four majors, two tracks are available: thesis (leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Education) and non-thesis (leading to the degree of Master in Education).

For other related inquiries, please call SED Office’s numbers 637-0912 local 271 or 634-2828, or e-mail them at [email protected].