With the University’s plans to continue with full online delivery of classes for the second semester of this academic year, student fees have been adjusted to include online activities only.

  1. The physical examination fee and substance abuse prevention program fee will not be charged.
  2. Fees covering institutional activities such as the equatorial rites and parents colloquium (under the integral development fee) will be charged and the activities will be held online.
  3. The athletics fee will be charged to cover the hiring of coaches and the online sports development program to prepare our athletes in time for the SY 2021-2022 tournaments.
  4. The energy fee will be retained at the same rate as charged in the first semester to cover the electricity costs for air-conditioned rooms housing the database servers of the university and the use of university facilities for security, maintenance, and sanitation/disinfection services.
  5. The arts and science laboratory fees will be waived as done in the first semester.

The detailed schedule of tuition and other school fees for the second semester of SY 2020-2021 may be viewed here.