UA&P is set to continue its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accountancy Seminar series on May 19 to 22, with topics aiming to arm CPAs with both technical skills, and valuable people management principles. Details of each seminar can be read below:

May 19 | Audit Methodology and Documentation | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Dizon Auditorium, UA&P

At the end of the session, the participants will be capable of designing a thorough audit process, suitable to the size and the nature of a business. The seminar will also equip them with skills to prepare an audit documentation that comprehensively discusses:

(a) The nature, timing and extent of the audit procedures performed to comply with GAAS and applicable legal and regulatory requirements;
(b) The results of the audit procedures performed, and the audit evidence obtained; and (c) Significant matters that arose during the audit, the conclusions reached thereon, and significant professional judgments made in reaching those conclusions.

May 21 | PFRS 9 and 16 | 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM | Dining Halls 1 & 2, UA&P

The half-day seminar aspires to provide an overview and updates on the provisions of PFRS 9 and 16. PFRS 9 on Financial Instruments brings together the classification and measurement, impairment and hedge accounting phases of the IASB’s project, which will replace IAS 39 and all previous versions of IFRS 9. PFRS 16 is the new Leases Standard that seeks to provide guidance on accounting for leases.

May 22 | Ethics and Good Governance | 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM | Dining Halls 1 & 2, UA&P

This seminar intends to increase the accountants’ awareness on ethical issues and governance frameworks typically encountered. The learnings aim to highlight integrity as the core of the accounting practice and good governance initiatives.

Fee for each seminar is PhP 2,000. A package composed of multiple sessions, inclusive of meals, handouts and certificate, can also be availed.

For more information, kindly contact the UA&P CPD Accountancy at 0906-581-3061, or email them at [email protected]. To register, please click here.