In a remarkable step toward promoting quality education and supporting financially challenged but deserving students, UA&P signed a Deed of Donation with Mrs. Annabelle P. Brown, Director and Executive Committee member of A Brown Company Inc. (ABCI), on July 12, 2023, marking the establishment of the W & A Brown Scholarship Endowment.

The W & A Brown Scholarship Endowment is a testament to the shared vision of UA&P and ABCI, wherein education is seen as a potent tool for empowering young minds who can be catalysts of change in society in the future. The scholarship will cover the student’s tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, and a Php5,000.00 book allowance per semester. ABCI will select one scholar from the list of accepted scholarship applicants from public high schools to be provided by the Admissions Office of UA&P.

Mrs. Annabelle P. Brown with (from left) ABCI President Mr. Robertino Pizarro, UA&P President Dr. Winston Conrad Padojinog, ABCI Executive Vice President Mr. Paul Francis Juat, and UA&P co-founder Dr. Bernardo Villegas.

Incorporated on December 21, 1966, A Brown Company, Inc. has emerged as a force in the real estate and power industries in Cagayan de Oro City. Over the years, the company has charted a remarkable journey, diversifying its business interests and embracing new opportunities in power generation, public utilities, and agribusiness, particularly in the palm oil industry. Mr. Walter W. Brown, Mrs. Brown’s husband, sits as the Chairman of ABCI.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown are staunch advocates of character formation among the youth, especially the underprivileged. Mrs. Brown is also the Founder of Alalay Sa Pamilya at Bayan (APB) Foundation, Inc., which established seven years ago the Campaign for Character Education Tenacity (CACHET) in close partnership with the I Am STRONG program of UA&P. CACHET aims to help the young make good and responsible day-to-day decisions on areas such as home and family life, studies and career, friendships and social responsibility, and love and courtship through participative and interactive approaches as well as peer and adult mentoring. CACHET has now dealt with close to 500 public schools, 170 of whom have CACHET Clubs, actively participating in quiz bee and art summits, self-reflection workshops, and family sportsfest, among many other socio-cultural, moral, and leadership development undertakings.

With the establishment of the W & A Brown Scholarship Endowment, Mr. and Mrs. Brown have made a decisive step to push their advocacy further by helping public school students receive UA&P education centered on whole-person development.