The London-based International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) has appointed UA&P Center for Social Responsibility (CSR) Executive Director Mr. Colin L. Hubo as one of its global ambassadors. IIRC is a global coalition of regulators, investors, companies, standard setters, the accounting profession, academia, and NGOs that seeks to establish integrated reporting and thinking within mainstream business practice as the norm in the public and private sectors.

The appointment recognizes the work of UA&P-CSR in promoting the use of the Integrated Reporting <IR> Framework, an international reporting standard preferred by the Fortune 500 companies in disclosing to investors how their companies create value over time. The integrated report is used by global investors in making a more efficient and productive allocation of capital.

As an ambassador, Mr. Hubo is expected to engage with influential stakeholders on a voluntary basis to promote the aims of the IIRC and build a consensus around the need for the <IR> Framework, and provide additional insight to the IIRC on the views of such stakeholders. The duration of an ambassador’s commitment to IIRC is indefinite. Only 51 individuals across the world, including Mr. Hubo, serve as ambassador of IIRC.

Mr. Hubo’s appointment has made UA&P the only institution in the Philippines that has a formal relationship with the IIRC. UA&P, through CSR, has been leading the way in sustainability reporting among higher education institutions in the Philippines since 2006, with Mr. Hubo’s election twice to the Stakeholder Council of the Global Reporting Initiative, an international independent standards organization in Amsterdam. At present, CSR is an adviser to at least 19 private and publicly listed companies.