This is it! After months of weighing the pros and cons, the strain of deciding which school to call home for the next couple of years is nearing its end. All you have to do is to pass the UA&P Entrance Exam. Below are simple tips and tricks on how to best prepare for it.


UA&P Entrance Exam: Tips and tricks 6

Know your weakness and work on it.
UA&P’s entrance exam focuses on English, Math, Science, and Aptitude. Review the subjects several weeks before your scheduled exam day. Practice answering questions under time pressure. Aside from giving you a feel of how it would be during the exam day, this will also help you understand which section(s) of the exam you are most challenged. Cheating forfeits your chance to get into the University, so prepare well and do your best in the exam.


UA&P Entrance Exam: Tips and tricks 2

Ready your things.
With your exam slot secured, it’s time to prepare your tools: two fully charged devices, a set of properly working earphones, a clean desk or exam area, a bond paper, a pen, and a school ID. The day before the exam, practice positioning in your exam area the gadget you will use for video streaming. Place it where you and your screen (the other device which you will use to access the test site) can be seen by the proctor.


UA&P Entrance Exam: Tips and tricks 5

Rise early.
Yup, you do not have to worry about the traffic, but you have to do a few more things before the exam. Take a hearty breakfast. Choose a comfortable yet presentable set of clothes. Make sure you have internet connection (15mbps is ideal). Set up your devices. Then enter the Google Meet link at least 10 minutes before your exam schedule.


UA&P Entrance Exam: Tips and tricks 3

 Snack is life.
The exam will take about four hours to finish, and the intense brainwork may exhaust you. Have chocolate bars, candies, and water ready. These will help you gain some extra energy and keep you alert until the last item of your exam. Place them where you can reach them without leaving your seat. You will not be allowed to go leave as soon as the exam starts, so go easy on the water. Make sure that you have gone to the restroom before proceeding to the test administration proper.


UA&P Entrance Exam: Tips and tricks 7

Manage your time.
Skim through the questions and skip the difficult ones. Do not spend too much time on one item. Answer the easy questions then go back to the more difficult ones. The goal is to answer as many questions as possible within the allotted time for each subject.


UA&P Entrance Exam: Tips and tricks 4

Get some rest.
Pray and get a good night’s sleep. There is no use stressing over the test the night before the entrance exam. You have been preparing and studying for weeks. So, just relax, get some rest, and wake up refreshed ready for the day ahead.


We wish all test-takers the best!


(To check your admission results, go to: If you need to contact the Admissions Office, you may reach them at 09176829344 or 0961717361.)