Are you employed or desiring to work in foreign service, education (history, sociology, arts and culture, Asian studies), government, communications, tourism, multinational companies, BPOs, and research institutions where specialized knowledge on cross-cultural studies is vital? Then we have a short course for you.

The Department of Asia Pacific Studies of the College of Arts and Sciences shall offer a certificate course in Southeast Asian Studies to provide individuals from all walks of life and professions with the knowledge of the diverse cultural, ethnic, economic, and religious beliefs and practices of Southeast Asian societies comprising ASEAN. This course shall equip and embolden one to confidently interact with fellow Southeast Asians and establish joint ventures and linkages for the promotion of peace, progress, harmony, and prosperity in the region and the world.

Themes to be tackled include socio-cultural dynamics, business models and economic development projections, and political and security issues. The course shall also cover interdisciplinal topics like arts and techno-cultural heritage, leadership and governance, entrepreneurship and business ethics, politics and diplomacy, nationalism in globalizing ASEAN, and faith and environment.

The first Southeast Asian Certificate Course classes will run from February to April 2019. For inquiries, email [email protected].

UA&P launches Southeast Asian Studies Certificate Program 6