A few days before Christmas, our University President Dr. Winston Padojinog delivers his Christmas message to the UA&P community. Here is his message to all of us, for Christmas 2017:

“Today, many circumstances can rattle us and disturb our sense of peace: the regional conflicts and the threat of new ones, the emergence of the politics of hate and discrimination, extrajudicial killings, the rise of oppressive cultures that degrade the weak and trivialize human relationships, the blatant display of rude behavior taken as acceptable, and the proliferation of false news that mislead many. Hence, the temptation to be complacent and indifferent to the sufferings of others is strong.

“But as we contemplate the baby in the manger born in utmost poverty—the God-made-flesh wrapped in swaddling clothes—our faith, hope, and charity are rekindled. The uncertainties disappear as we are reminded once more of the immense love of God for each one of us. This gives us hope and peace of mind; we are even made strong. Aware of being loved despite our being unlovable, we turn our hearts towards all of humanity doing small but constant acts of service to those around us—our family and friends, our colleagues, our community, and even the strangers we meet. 

“We believe that in UA&P, education can never be complete unless we transmit to our stakeholders through our work, acts of service, and examples the eternal truth of who we are in relation to a loving God and our responsibility towards society especially to the weak and the vulnerable. Here our professional work as faculty, administrative personnel, senior executives, business owners, and homemakers finds its true meaning.

“Inspired by our Christian sense of mission, let our work in the University and in other places where our duties and obligations bring us be an effective instrument of service.

“Merry Christmas to everyone!”