Office of Sports Development 2The Office of Sports Development (SportsDev) of the Center for Student Affairs (CSA) aims to develop and implement sports programs that are grounded on an education that upholds the integral formation of the human person. It also provides opportunities to students and the rest of the UA&P community to participate in sports, exercise programs, games, and physical activities for the purpose of not only improving the overall quality of their lives, but to build relationships with each other — all in the spirit of UNITAS.


Programs and projects


Online Pep Rally
Showcasing the different talents and offerings of UA&P varsity teams and sports clubs, the Pep Rally  also functions as a recruitment channel for students to join the varsities and clubs. It is spearheaded by the USG Sports and Varsities Officer.

Unitas Athletes Assembly (UAA)
Held twice a year, UAA is a supplementary learning talk that features guest speakers who specialize in different fields of sports and fitness to help student-athletes improve and supplement their skills training. 

Peso for fitness
Offered every Saturday, Peso for fitness program is a fundraising activity wherein attendees can donate any amount to participate in the workout activity. Each session is sponsored by a chosen varsity team.

All in for Red and Gold
A social media page that aims to raise funds for UA&P varsity athletes and scholars. It also serves as a channel for the community to support student-athletes by selling UA&P-themed merchandise, such as shirts and tote bags, and by offering donation channels for a specific athlete, team, or as a general fund for all varsities.

Flame and Frost Cup: Dragons’ Esports Tournament
This online esports tournament features different mobile and PC games such as Call of Duty Mobile, Stumble Guys and Tetris, and raises funds for the benefit of UA&P student-athletes and athletic scholars.


Contact SportsDev


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