From May 7 to May 12, the University will be holding 5 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accountancy seminars, intended to respond to the demand of CPAs for lifelong education avenues.  The seminars, with their particulars, are listed below:

May 7 | Essentials of Information Systems Auditing – Part 1 | Dining Halls 1 & 2, UA&P

This seminar is designed to instill in the participants the importance of information systems in an organization.  It will start with a thorough discussion of the processes that involve IT, an organization’s IT structure, and its governance activities. The program will then focus on the application of the important IT governance concepts in developing risk assessment activities— stressing further the relevance of audit projects. Basic approaches and methods in systems auditing shall be practiced through exercises and case studies.

The talk on IT Auditing Essentials will be given by Mr. Jon Louis P. Santos, CPA, CIA, CSIA, MBA.

May 8 | Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain | Dining Halls 1 & 2, UA&P

This seminar aims to increase our awareness about the continuously-evolving cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology. Rapid technological progress in recent years has enabled cryptocurrencies to evolve through the roll-out of the blockchain technology. Whether as an investment product, a transaction tool, or a game-changing technology that could reshape the financial ecosystem, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have the potential to change the environment in which accountants operate. The seminar will provide the participants learnings that will help them keep abreast of future developments in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The seminar on cryptocurrencies and blockchain will be handled by Mr. Gavin Cheng Lee, CPA, CIS, CFA, CIA, MSF.

May 9 | Retirement Plans and PAS 19R | Dining Halls 1 & 2, UA&P

This seminar is set to provide an in-depth understanding of the history, law, and general practice of private retirement plans in the Philippines—with a highlight on the local accounting of retirement benefits following the Revised Philippine Accounting Standards (PAS) 19, Employee Benefits (PAS 19R).

Speaking for the topic will be Mr. Orlando J. Manalang, FASP.

May 11 | People Management | Dining Halls 1 & 2, UA&P

Transitioning to a managing post is one of the most difficult career challenges that professionals face. This seminar intends to look into this, as well as other challenges that come with people management. This is set to offer concrete and practical ways to manage people effectively.

Our resource person for People Management is UA&P’s Dr. Maria Victoria Q. Caparas

May 12 | Preventing Asset Misappropriations | Telengtan Hall, UA&P

This seminar will explore fraud schemes used to misappropriate assets from organizations. It will feature various signs of fraud and other means by which the risk of asset misappropriation can be more identified, to be able to develop more effective internal controls.

The seminar’s speaker will be Ms. Rejeanne Ico, CPA.

Sessions will be from 8 AM to 5 PM. Fee is PhP 2,000/seminar. A package composed of multiple sessions, inclusive of meals, handouts and certificate, is also available.

For more information, kindly contact the UA&P CPD Accountancy at 0906-581-3061, or email them at [email protected]. To register, click here.