Reports from verifiable sources have come to our attention about the alleged student harassment by a former male mentor/teacher in the past. We take seriously such reports of abuse by any member of the university community. Mentors/teachers hold a position of trust, confidence, and moral authority — principles underlying the University’s mentoring system that aims to complement, enhance, and enrich the learning process. Rest assured, we are looking into this matter closely and are taking the necessary action to resolve the issue promptly in accord with due process, fairness, and justice.

We deeply regret to hear now about the said abuse from among former students. The University did not receive any complaint about the teacher throughout the duration of his employment with UA&P from 2009 to 2011, which could have prompted investigations and allowed us to take the necessary intervention, to mete out the appropriate disciplinary sanctions and to protect our students. As an educational institution, we empathize with all those who were affected by such misconduct.

We strongly affirm and emphasize that the University’s mission has always been to  pursue and to spread the truth and the good. We demand from all members of the university community a deep sense of responsibility and active solidarity in promoting this mission and in creating an academic environment conducive to higher learning respecting at all times the dignity of the human person, his or her good, and the good of society.

We will not condone reprehensible behavior, especially acts that gravely undermine human dignity.  We further acknowledge the University’s responsibility for the safety of those who are subjected or were subjected to such misconduct. The University has the appropriate responsive measures, including personal interventions from  our Office of Student Mentoring, Guidance and Counseling (MGC) for counseling and possible referral to qualified professionals to help them move towards healing and recovery. This will be available even to former students who have been affected by this incident.

Mentoring remains to be a critical aspect of the holistic education that UA&P offers. It has been appreciated by students and parents as a helpful support whose value cannot be diminished by this unfortunate incident. We will review and improve our systems and processes to make the mentoring experience better and safeguard the welfare of our students.  We will strive to create safer spaces for students to enable them to give feedback on similar incidents so that these traumatic experiences are not buried in silence. We therefore encourage other victims and those who have any complaints on abuses not to be afraid to come forward and get in touch with our MGC at [email protected]  so that we can receive and act on these promptly. Likewise, students may report to the concerned school authorities such as the members of the Operations Committees (OpComs) and Program Directors.

We thank the alumni and students who have spoken up on this matter, as we rely on the collaboration of everyone – faculty members, administrative staff, students, alumni, parents, and institutional partners – to  keep and safeguard the University as a safe and healthy place for learning.