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  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

    The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Program is a four-year course of UA&P that prepares students to work for the top 1000 corporations as well as to start and manage their own business enterprise through a solid curriculum.

    The BSBA Program has a strong emphasis on liberal arts, governance, corporate social responsibility, and global outlook, which is further enhanced by the implementation of on-the-job training in the third and fourth year, enabling students to experience actual business operations thus preparing them to be better leaders in the future.

    Major in Management
    The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management is designed to prepare you to face the demands and challenges of the corporate world. The experience-based learning method provides a strong management foundation, which will enable you to be an effective and dynamic manager.

    Major in Management with Specialization in Business Analytics
    The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management with specialization in Business Analytics prepares students to work in a corporate setting, specifically in companies that handle big data or do business analytics. Students are exposed to companies providing different business process outsourcing services. The program provides students with the opportunity to learn skills and competencies necessary in collecting, using, managing, and manipulating data for decision making.


    Under the BSBA Program, students undergo an intense curriculum that prepares them to be future leaders, managers, or administrators, bringing with them an ethical-Christian perspective of service. It exposes them to the realities of the workplace and at the same time provides them with the rigors of classroom education.

    Alongside the core subjects, students can take opportunities for international exposure through exchange programs and jumpstart their career with an internship in the industry of their choice.

    Core Subjects:

    Major in Management

    2nd Year

    • Introduction to Management
    • Basic Economics
    • Principles of Accounting I

    3rd Year

    • Managerial Economics
    • Principles of Accounting II
    • Principles of Marketing
    • Business Writing and Communication
    • Introduction to People Development: Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Managerial Accounting
    • Macroeconomics
    • Industry and Regional Market Analysis
    • Human Behavior in Organizations
    • Business Law
    • Finance I
    • Internship 1: Organizational Immersion

    4th Year

    • Taxation
    • Operations Management
    • Consumer Behavior and Market Research
    • Human Resource Management
    • Finance II
    • Elective I
    • Business Ethics
    • International Business
    • Management Information Systems and Technology
    • Management Research Seminar: Case Writing
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • Business Policy and Strategic Management
    • Elective II
    • Internship 2: Professional Internship

    Additional core subjects for BSBA Major in Management with specialization in Business Analytics

    • Fundamentals of Business Analytics
    • Fundamentals of Data Warehousing
    • Fundamentals of Descriptive Analysis
    • Fundamentals of Predictive Analysis
    • Fundamentals of Prescriptive Analysis
    • Internship in companies practicing business analytics (6 units)


    Our students interact with the best faculty lineup composed of experienced corporate professionals and academic professors. With the School of Management’s international faculty linkages, students attain a global outlook necessary to understand international business and culture. In addition, our low student-to-faculty ratio ensures that students get the attention they need to become competent and ethical professionals.

    Mr. Elmer Anthony Aquitania

    Ms. Joanna Francesca Castro

    Ms. Alyana Joy Dalisay

    Mr. Ronald Ralph Dannug

    Mr. Michael Bryan De Castro

    Ms. Annie Vi Escobido

    Ms. Michelle Farcon

    Ms. Norma Goco

    Ms. Carla Marie Griño

    Mr. Al-Zhoheir Hajim

    Mr. Mario Gil Jocson

    Ms. Elsa Limbaga

    Ms. Maria Steffi Manhit

    Ms. Lota Kristine San Juan-Nable

    Ms. Dorothy Nubla-Idea

    Mr. Raymund Pangilinan

    Mr. Eric Parilla

    Mr. Rufino Policarpio III

    Dr. Brenda Quismorio

    Mr. Rafael April Rivera

    Ms. Beatriz Athena Tanco

    Ms. Beatriz Tschoepke

    Ms. Ma. Anna Katrina Visda

    Mr. Sandy Simon Yap

    Mr. Patrick Zeta


    The graduates of the Program are equipped with business skills and knowledge to pursue a corporate career. They have opportunities for managerial positions and other advanced roles in any industry, entrepreneurial venture, and even in academic institutions.

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