Integrated Marketing Communication

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  • Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication

The Communication Program of UA&P is focused on Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). It is the pioneer IMC graduate program in the Philippines, as well as a leader in IMC education in Asia.

IMC is an emerging global discipline within the field of communication that redefines the ways of building and managing business organizations from a multidisciplinary perspective. It draws from the areas of business management, marketing, market research, and marketing communications (e.g. advertising, customer relationship management, new media technologies, and corporate communications).

On their fifth and final year, IMC graduate students undergo the Professional Residency Program, a hands-on application of theories and concepts. Each student is expected to function and perform as full team member of his/her assigned firm during this 10-month work-and-study period. The student resident is evaluated by a member of our faculty through a monthly written report by the resident, an evaluation at the end of each semester by the immediate supervisor-in-charge, an on-site visit by the faculty member assigned, and a final written report by the resident at the end of the program.

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After going through the common liberal arts curriculum in their first three years in the University, students begin to take subjects in their chosen field of specialization. IMC has the following subjects:


  • Business Communication
  • Understanding Media and its Content
  • Brand Communication Management
  • Communication Research Methods
  • Advertising Management
  • Communication Theory
  • Human Insight
  • Marketing Communications Research
  • IMC Principles
  • Creative Strategy and Concept Development
  • Communication Ethics and Law
  • Brand Activation
  • Strategic IMC
  • Career Management
  • IMC Business Process
  • IMC Cases and Application
  • Contact Management and Channels Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Professional Residency Program
  • Professional Residency Integration
  • Marketing Economics
  • IMC Finance
  • IMC Effectiveness
  • Leadership in Media and MARCOM Organizations
  • Business Ethics
  • IMC Revalida
  • Electives:
    • Entrepreneurial Marketing
    • Global Marketing
    • Copywriting and Art Direction
    • Direct Marketing/CRM
    • Public Relations Principles and Practice
    • Sales Management


    One of the key strengths of the IMC Program is its strong support from industry. The faculty members include some of the best and finest industry leaders in the field of marketing communications. Students are to be trained by a number of CEOs, managing directors, and senior executives of marketing communications firms. Core subjects are taught by full-time faculty members, who obtained doctorate degrees from local and foreign universities. To uphold its commitment to a work-and-study approach to learning, faculty members work closely with industry practitioners on research and consulting projects.

    Each faculty member has a profile in our Faculty and Research page, consisting of their educational attainment, list of seminars and published works, and contact information. Researchers may click on the link, to transfer to the page.




    The IMC Program’s intensive, rigorous, and demanding program of study has made our graduates highly competitive and highly valued in the marketing communications industry. Today, our graduates are employed by leading local and global corporations in the following fields:


    • Account Management
    • Creative Copy Writing and Art Direction
    • Marketing or Brand Management
    • Market Research
    • Corporate Communications
    • Public Relations
    • Strategic and Account Planning
    • Media Planning and Management

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