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The Management Program combines business and academics that stimulate students’ lives in the real world after graduation. In the process, the program equips students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to transform the challenges of the 21st century into business opportunities and socially responsible enterprises.

The Management Program aims to develop the Management ACES—management students who are analytical, have excellent communication skills, are ethical, and show the necessary soft skills. (i.e., emotional and professional maturity, ability to work in a team).


In the first three years in the University, students go through a common liberal arts curriculum. In the third year, however, students begin to take core subjects in the management program.

In the fourth year, which is considered to be the first year of the graduate studies, the program offers a generalist view of the basic management functions (finance, human resource, marketing, operations, and enterprise resource systems). On the fifth year, students should have acquired a multi-disciplined analytical framework, a holistic and strategic perspective to decision-making, and a systematic approach to implementation.

The Management Program is delivered using applied research methodologies, with emphasis on team-based project study. The combination of academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities simulates life, which is further enhanced by a work-study model via the business-academe partnerships for internship placements. The formal student-faculty mentoring process and career planning workshops contribute to a personalized learning experience.

Core subjects:

Decision Analysis and Quantitative Techniques I and 2

Introduction to Management 1 and 2

Principles of Accounting 1 and 2

Business Writing and Presentation

Business IT-Excel

Managing People in Organizations

Human Behavior in Organizations

Marketing Management

Operations Management

Finance 1

Management Information Systems and Technology

Organization and Leadership

Managerial Economics

Human Resources Management

Finance 2

Competitive Strategy Analysis

Work and Society


Business History

Personal and Professional Development

(Feasibility Study and Internship)

Corporate Planning and Business Policy

Management Research Seminar 1 and 2

Organizational Development and Corporate Culture

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Strategic Thinking and Management

International Business

International Economics

Project Management

Personal and Professional Development 2

(9-month Internship)

The Business-Academe Partnership is an intensive 9-month program, starting in August of each academic year and ending in May, which requires the management interns to report to their host companies Monday to Wednesday, do research work Thursday, and attend academic subjects every Friday and Saturday. It is a project-based internship that aims to address relevant business issues via projects performed by fifth-year students.

The result of the program is a management graduate who is ready to face the corporate world, is highly objective and yet creative, with a strong foundation in research methodologies and in solving business dilemmas.


    Our faculty is a deliberate mix of academic specialists who deliver the theoretical foundations of the course and the experienced executives who serve as students’ mentors and provide them with real-life flavor. The academic specialists have both consulting and corporate experiences; they obtained doctorate and master’s degrees from the finest schools in the Philippines and abroad. The experienced executives, aside from having advanced degrees, mainly MBA and Business Economics, are seasoned professionals familiar with the realities of diverse industries and at the same time grounded in the philosophy of the University.

    Dr. Anna Maria Mendoza

    Ms. Katrina Cojuangco

    Mr. Willy Cuason

    Mr. Samuel Dumdum

    Mr. Benjamin Dy

    Ms. Norma Goco

    Ms. Maria Steffi Manhit

    Ms. Lota Kristine San Juan-Nable

    Ms. Jodie Claire Ngo

    Ms. Dorothy Nubla-Idea

    Mr. Raymund Pangilinan

    Mr. Eric Parilla

    Dr. Brenda Quismorio

    Mr. Rafael April Rivera

    Mr. Roberto Miguel Roque

    Mr. Ferdinand Sarfati

    Ms. Beatriz Athena Tanco

    Ms. Beatriz Tschoepke

    Mr. Patrick Zeta


    Management graduates pursue corporate careers—especially in finance, marketing, and human resources management. Graduates can also venture into start-ups, hyper-growth, emerging markets, social enterprises, and professionalization of family businesses.

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