Political Economy

Understanding the forces that shape the world.

Today’s increasingly complex national and global environment calls for a more integrative mindset. Contemporary social, political and economic challenges can rarely be approached from a single perspective.

Offered by UA&P’s School of Law and Governance, political economy programs equip students with the knowledge and analytical skills needed for understanding social realities, particularly the complex political and economic factors that lie at their origins.  Students are trained to employ tools or methodologies from political science, philosophy, economics, history, sociology and public administration. This training leads to a holistic approach, crucial to making well-grounded governance decisions and exercising effective leadership.

There are four (4) program tracks:


Students in the 4-, 5- and 6-year programs are required to complete UA&P’s liberal arts curriculum before taking major subjects.

Major subjects comprise the following fields of study:

  • Philosophy of Work
  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • International Relations
  • Economics
  • Social Science Research Methods
  • Development
  • Public Policy
  • Governance


The following currently comprise the faculty of the Political Economy undergraduate program:

  • Dr. Nicomedes Alviar (Dean)
  • Atty. Delia Tantuico (Vice Chair, Operations Committee)
  • Dr. Jeremy Gatdula (School Secretary)
  • Dr. May Zuleika Salao (Program Director)
  • Ms. Ahnee Lae Abutin
  • Ms. Angela Arnante
  • Atty. Joel Arzaga
  • Mr. John Avila
  • Dr. Roberto de Vera
  • Mr. Brian Doce
  • Dr. Nanette Dungo
  • Dr. Robin Garcia
  • Ms. Natividad Cristina Gruet
  • Ms. Jocelyn Mirabueno
  • Mr. Bien Nito
  • Mr. Garry Perez
  • Mr. Edwin Pineda
  • Dr. Maria Veronica Quilingin
  • Mr. Eleazar Ricote
  • Ambassador Melita Sta. Maria-Thomeczek
  • Dr. Cora Toralba
  • Ms. Clara Vizconde

Each faculty member has a profile in our Faculty and Research page, consisting of their educational attainment, list of seminars and published works, and contact information. Researchers may click on the link to transfer to the page.


Political Economy graduates can pursue leadership and governance careers in a wide range of fields, such as:

  • National or Local Governance
  • Legislative Liaison Work
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Government Relations for Business
  • Public Finance
  • Public Policy Research
  • Political Consultancy For Think Tanks
  • Financial/Economic Analysis
  • Human Rights, Environmental or Other Social Advocacy
  • Work in Nongovernment or Nonprofit Organizations
  • Civilian or Military Intelligence Work
  • Journalism, Media and Communications
  • Diplomacy and Foreign Service
  • Staff/Research Work in International Organizations, e.g., ASEAN, European Commission, United Nations, World Trade Organization
  • Staff/Research Work in Multilateral Lending Institutions or Aid Agencies, e.g., World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Asian Development Bank, USAID
  • International Trade Consultancy
  • University Research and Teaching
  • Law


Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate scholarships are of two types:  merit scholarships and financial assistance scholarships.  Merit scholarships are sometimes awarded as outright grants.  Students admitted to undergraduate political economy programs who are interested in applying for scholarships should look up the undergraduate Scholarships page.

Graduate Scholarships

Full and partial scholarships are also available to graduate-level students. 


  • General weighted average (GWA) of 2.0 in the undergraduate course
  • Financial need
  • Positive interview result

In the Media

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Dr. May Z. Salao
Atty. Michael Henry Ll. Yusingco

Roundtable Letters

The Roundtable is the official publication of the Political Economy program. Read the latest issue below:


Thesis Digests

Thesis Digests are brief summaries of the masteral thesis of MA Political Economy with specialization in International Relations and Development graduates of UA&P School of Law and Governance. Read below the select thesis digests of the MA Political Economy Batch 2017.

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