The University of Asia and the Pacific is a private, not-for-profit institution of higher learning that offers some of the most outstanding academic programs in Asia. All programs of study at UA&P are grounded in liberal education, which prepares students for their specific specialization by giving them a well-rounded education that cultivates genuine intellectual discipline—a prerequisite to acquiring any specialized knowledge.

An intrinsic part of education in UA&P is mentoring, through which the University’s interdisciplinary offering of knowledge, skills, and values is reinforced through regular, confidential conversations between the student and his or her mentor.

The formation of UA&P students is facilitated by an environment conducive to learning, qualified and dedicated teachers, a superior faculty-to-student ratio, and well-maintained facilities.

Liberal Education

The liberal education program is the bedrock of university studies in UA&P. The University focuses on developing the whole person, as well as combines breadth of learning and professional specialization, in its educational programs. Our students go through a strong liberal education program in their first years in the University. Thereafter, they begin to take subjects in their chosen field of specialization. If they choose a five-year program and meet all its academic requirements, they may graduate with a master’s degree in five years.

As they take up these various areas of knowledge, the students are trained to look at ideas with a critical eye, an analytical mind, and ethical judgment, and to understand issues from differing points of view. And as the subjects are taught using a multidisciplinary approach, the students learn to make connections across disciplines and see the big picture while understanding the complexity of each part. The liberal arts program also trains students to communicate ideas clearly, precisely and persuasively in speech and in writing.

Our Identity

The University blazes new trails in a tradition of excellence, service, and whole-person education. Faithful to our Credo, we aspire to form “individuals who are professionally competent, creative and enterprising, zealous for the common good, and capable of making free, morally upright choices, and who can thus act as positive agents of change and service to society.”

While we are constantly looking toward the future, we never lose sight of who we are. Our directive is, and will always be, that of unity. With the UA&P motto, UNITAS, we remind ourselves of our desire to achieve unity in many aspects: unity within the university community, unity between faith and reason, and unity between religion and life. It reflects the commitment of everyone in UA&P toward the pursuit of wisdom, which necessarily entails a unity of life.


Unique to our University, our mentoring program—augmented by our deep appreciation for the liberal arts—nourishes the development of each of our students and brings the integration of knowledge, skills, and values down to the personal level. By treating students as individuals through focused, one-on-one sessions with qualified mentors, we put into practice our belief that higher education should be a singular, meaningful experience that develops the person in every aspect.

UA&P and Opus Dei

The spiritual formation in UA&P is entrusted to Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church. Opus Dei ensures the doctrinal and moral soundness of the other aspects of formation imparted in the University. Founded by St. Josemaría Escrivá in 1928, Opus Dei strives to spread the universal call to holiness and apostolate. The faithful of the prelature come from different parts of the world. St. Josemaria’s spiritual legacy underpins the University’s educational principles, which guide all policy and procedural decisions and actions.



University of Asia and the Pacific Foundation, Inc.

UA&P is a project of the University of Asia and the Pacific Foundation, Inc. (UA&PFI), in line with its broad research, training, and educational purposes.

UA&PFI is a non‐stock, non‐profit corporation whose primary purpose is that of establishing and operating colleges, schools, centers, etc., where activities may be undertaken in a manner that will significantly serve the integral formation of the human person according to the Christian spirit and ideals. These activities must aim to uplift the moral, cultural, and material level of the country and region in which the University operates.

UA&P endeavors to give its students a complete education, which includes the pursuit of Christian ideals and formation in Catholic doctrine and morals. To this end, the UA&PFI desires that all the activities of the University (teaching, research and publication, and extension) be imbued with the spirit and Christian ideals of Opus Dei as taught and lived by its Founder, Saint Josemaría Escrivá. In order to achieve this objective, the UA&PFI signed an agreement with the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei which created permanent consultation mechanisms and established specific channels through which the spirit of Opus Dei can be transmitted to the academic community. Thus, the Office of the Vice Grand Chancellor (OVGC) was instituted to serve as a consultant for the objective mentioned above.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees runs the University of Asia and the Pacific Foundation, Inc., which operates the University.

The UA&PFI Board of Trustees governs the University by guiding and directing the Management Committee (ManCom) to align its strategic plans, decisions, and policies to the University’s educational philosophy.

The Board meets in plenary every quarter while its Executive Committee holds meetings in the intervening months. Its mandate is to manage the affairs, business, and property of the Foundation. The Executive Committee (ExCom), made up of the Chair, President, Vice Chair, Treasurer and two other Trustees, decides on matters raised during the regular quarterly meetings on behalf of the plenary Board as well as consultations from the ManCom which need urgent resolutions. The ExCom also studies ManCom proposals before a formal recommendation is elevated to the plenary Board.

Members of the Board of Trustees
Amb. Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. (Chairman)
Mr. Omar T. Cruz (Vice Chairman)
Dr. Winston Conrad B. Padojinog (President)
Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas (Vice President)
Ms. Shirley M. Sangalang (Treasurer)
Mr. Manuel F. Ayala
Ms. Judy Rosario G. Cam
Mr. John Eric T. Francia
Mr. Paul Joseph M. Garcia
Dr. Roberto Miguel S. Roque
Ms. Ma. Esther O. Santos
Mr. Francisco C. Sebastian
Mr. Miguel Alissandro V. Tan
Mrs. Grace Q. Tomelden
Dr. Antonio N. Torralba

Members of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees
Amb. Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. (Chairman)
Mr. Omar T. Cruz (Vice Chairman)
Dr. Winston Conrad B. Padojinog (President)
Ms. Shirley M. Sangalang (Treasurer)
Ms. Judy Rosario G. Cam
Mrs. Grace Q. Tomelden
Roberto Miguel S. Roque
Mr. Anthony C. David (Corporate Secretary)

Management Committee

The UA&P Management Committee (ManCom) is the University’s governing body.

It was formed to steer the University in the path set out for it. It makes sure that all plans, activities, and projects undertaken advance the mission, goals, and values of the University.

The ManCom is a collegial decision-making body made up of the President, Vice Presidents, and the University Secretary, and it meets in plenary session once every two weeks. It governs the University with the help of the different Operations Committees of each College, School, or hallmark center and the Managing Directors or unit heads of the different supporting units. The prerogatives of the ManCom extend to the implementation of the strategic directions for the University set by the Board of Trustees and to the decision-making necessary in running the educational institution, which is not reserved to the Board or to the Executive Committee.


Dr. Winston Conrad B. Padojinog

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Amado Salvador P. Saquido

Vice President for Faculty Affairs
Dr. Marya Svetlana T. Camacho

Vice President for Business Development and Alumni Affairs
Dr. Roberto Miguel S. Roque

Vice President for Administrative Affairs
Mr. Guillermo Ma. B. Pablo III

University Secretary
Mr. Anthony C. David

College of Arts and Sciences

Dean & Chair
Dr. Maria Asuncion L. Magsino

Vice Dean, Faculty Affairs
Dr. Ma. Concepcion R. Lagos

Vice Dean, Academic and Student Affairs
Dr. Philip Samuel Z. Peckson

College / OpCom Secretary
Ms. Agnes Clarizza S. Enriquez

Program Director, AB Humanities; MA Humanities
Dr. Sophia Martha B. Marco

Program Director, Junior College
Mrs. Aurea F. Cruz

Deputy Program Director, Junior College
Mrs. Elerosa B. Caparas

Department Chair, Arts
Dr. Laya B. Gonzales

Department Chair, Asia Pacific Studies
Dr. Philip Michael I. Paje

Department Chair, English
Dr. Judy S. Tanael

Department Chair Filipino
Dr. Moreal N. Camba

Department Chair, History
Ms. Mary Josefti C. Nito

Department Chair, Literature
Mrs. Meryl Kei C. Hernandez

Department Chair, Philosophy
Mr. Dean Edward A. Mejos

Department Chair, Physical Education
Mr. Christian S. Dominguez

Department Chair, Religion
Fr. Peter Edward M. Cabreros

School of Media and Marketing

Dean & Chair
Dr. Jerome G. Kliatchko

Vice Dean
Dr. Francine Michelle Marie C. Racho

Operations Committee Secretary
Dr. Veronica L. Isla

Program Director, AB Integrated Marketing Communications; MA Communication major Integrated Marketing Communications
Dr. Francine Michelle Marie C. Racho

Program Director, AB Media and Entertainment Management
Dr. Veronica L. Isla

School of Economics

Dean & Chair
Dr. Peter L. U

Vice Dean, Faculty Affairs
Ms. Viory Yvonne T. Janeo

Operations Committee Secretary
Mr. Perry Fernand O. Reyes

Program Director, BS Business Economics; MS Industrial Economics
Dr. Peter L. U

Deputy Program Director, BS Business Economics; MS Industrial Economics
Ms. Viory Yvonne T. Janeo

Program Director, Master in Applied Business Economics Program (ABEP)
Dr. George N. Manzano

Program Director, Master in Business Economics (SBEP)
Dr. Victor A. Abola

Deputy Program Director, Master in Business Economics (SBEP)
Mr. Danilo J. Mojica II

Program Director, PhD in Business Economics
Dr. Jovi C. Dacanay

School of Education and Human Development

Dean & Chair

Dr. Angelito Z. Antonio

Vice Dean
Dr. Ernesto D. Grio

Executive Assistant to the SED OpCom
Mrs. Rosan C. Agbayani

Program Director, MAE Educational Leadership, MAE Adolescent Development and Education; and MAE Values Education
Dr. Ernesto D. Grio

Program Director, BS in Early Childhood Education; MAE Early Childhood Education
Dr Angelito Z. Antonio

Program Director, BS Human Capital Development; MS Human Capital and Organization Development
Dr. Jesusa R. Reyes

Center Director, Child Development and Education Center
Dr. Lexie C. Estacio

School of Social Sciences, Law and Governance

Dr. Nicomedes B. Alviar

Vice Dean
Dr. Jeremy Benigno I. Gatdula

Operations Committee Secretary
Mr. Garry M. Perez

Program Director, AB Political Economy; MA Political Economy with specialization in International Relations and Development
Ms. Natividad Cristina J. Gruet

Dean, Institute of Law
Dr. Jeremy Benigno I. Gatdula

Vice Dean, Institute of Law
Atty. Diosdado B. Marasigan

Secretary, Institute of Law
Atty. Jesus Joel Mari D. Arzaga

Program Director, Juris Doctor
Dr. Jeremy Benigno I. Gatdula

Program Director, Lex Honors
Atty. Joaquin E. San Diego

School of Management

Dr. Anna Maria E. Mendoza

Vice Dean, Innovation and Enterprise
Dr. Eligio Ma. P. Santos

Vice Dean, Faculty and Research
Dr. Ruel V. Maningas

Operations Committee Secretary
Ms. Jodie Claire A. Ngo

Program Director, BS Accountancy and BS Management Accounting
Mr. Justin Reginald F. Nery

Program Director, Masters in Management
Dr. Anna Maria E. Mendoza / Mrs. Lota Kristine S.J. Nable

Program Director, BS Business Administration
Ms. Jodie Claire A. Ngo

Program Director, Masters in Applied Busines Analytics
Dr. Ruel V. Maningas

Program Director, BS Entrepreneurial Management
Dr. Eligio Ma. P. Santos

Executive Director, Southeast Asia Business Studies
Dr. Anna Maria E. Mendoza

Executive Director, Center for Family Business Excellence
Dr. Roberto Miguel S. Roque

School of Sciences and Engineering

Dr. Noemi B. Torre

Vice Dean
Dr. Enrique M. Ligot

Operations Committee Secretary
Mr. Carlo L. Vinoya

Department Chair, Engineering
Dr. Edwin L. Olmos

Department Chair, Information Science and Technology
Mr. Cyrus Paolo M. Buenafe

Department Chair, Data Science
Mrs. Kimberly May M. Vallesteros

Department Chair, Natural Sciences
Dr. Edwin L. Olmos

Center for Student Affairs

Executive Director
Dr. Cecilia M. Resurreccion

Vice Director
Mr. Joseph Noel R. Parcon

Operations Committee Secretary
Ms. Ma. Concha B. de la Cruz

Head, Office of Student Services
Mrs. Arianne A. Vito Cruz

Head, Office of Guidance and Counseling
Mrs. Katherine Olivia M. Nazal (OIC)

Head, Office of Student Development
Mr. Joseph Noel R. Parcon

Head, Office of Sports Development
Ms. Jemima Katrina C. Fajardo

Head, Office of Career and Placement Services
Mrs. Ayza Q. Figuro

Head, Office of Student Mentoring
Mrs. Karla Ava Marie P. Lozano

Research and Extension Cluster

Mr. Colin L. Hubo

Vice Chair, Extension – Consultancy and Contract Research

Operations Committee Secretary
Mr. Perry Fernand O. Reyes

Office Manager, Center for Research and Communication
Mrs. Rio Angela Q. Larracas

Executive Director, Center for Social Responsibility
Mr. Colin L. Hubo

Executive Director, Center for Food and Agribusiness
Mr. Senen U. Reyes

Officer-in-Charge, BIGGKAS+
Mr. Juan M. Borra III

Administrative Units

Admissions Office

Managing Director
Mr. Rey Vincenzo Cruz


Assets and Facilities Management Group

Managing Director
Engr. Paulino C. Lazarte

Campus Maintenance and Planning Manager
Arch. Raymund A. Go


Academic Quality Assurance Office

Managing Director
Ms. Ma. Humildad F. Claro


Center for Teaching and Learning

Managing Director
Mr. Jason De Villa

Associate Director for Institutional Research
Dr. Celerino C. Tiongco



Head Chaplain
Fr. Carlos Vicente G. Estrada

Assistant Head Chaplain
Fr. Edgar F. Soria

Fr. Alfred Robert V. Cruz

Fr. Cecilio L. Magsino
Fr. Peter Edward M. Cabreros
Fr. Roque L. Reyes
Fr. Alfred Robert V. Cruz


Corporate Communications Office

Managing Director
Mrs. Trinidad C. Alcazaren


Continuing Real-World Education (CORE)

Executive Director, Continuing Real-WorldEducation (CORE)
Mr. Danilo J. Mojica II

Vice Director, Continuing Real-World Education (CORE)
Dr. Ferdinand S. Piñgul


Corporate Planning and Review unit

Managing Director

Business Process and Analytics Lead
Dr. Brenda A. Quismorio


Data Privacy Office

Data Protection Officer
Dr. Enrique M. Ligot


Financial Management and Reporting Group

Managing Director
Mrs Lydia L. Yuson

Section Head for Controllership and Risk Management
Mr. Sofio S. Angulo, Jr.


Fund Development Office

Managing Director
Dr. Imelda P. Estillore


Human Resource Management Office

Managing Director
Mrs. Ma. Theresa P. Benitez


Information and Communication Technologies Office

Managing Director
Mr. Sofronio Go

ICT Council
Mr. Guillermo Ma. B. Pablo III
Mr. Samson B. Anastacio (IT Operations Lead)
Mr. Rodelio P. Barcenas (Project Management and Business Process Team Lead)


University Library

University Librarian
Mrs. Hazel Anne T. Pestio


Office of Alumni Affairs

Managing Director
Ms. Carla P. Estanislao


Office of the University Registrar

University Registrar
Dr. Fe Gladys Golo


Public and International Affairs Office

Managing Director
Mrs. Trinidad C. Alcazaren


Special Projects Office

Mr. Danilo J. Mojica II


University Research Office (URO)

Executive Director
Dr. Veronica E. Ramirez

Welcome to UA&P.

With 50 years of experience in the academe, UA&P is a private, not-for-profit institution of higher learning that offers some of the most outstanding academic programs in Asia. We provide our students with a powerful combination of liberal education and professional specialization.

As an employer, we are committed to providing our faculty and administrative staff with an environment that supports their total and continuous development. We provide specific venues for our employees to develop their full potential as persons capable of achieving their personal and professional goals which are congruent with the mission and vision of the University.

We are urgently looking for people who can contribute to the growth of the University in the following capacities/positions:

  • Academic Quality Assurance Coordinator (Academic Quality Assurance -Part-time)
  • Administrative Assistant (School of Education and Human Development)
  • Agribusiness Specialist (Center for Food and Agribusiness)
  • Creative Communications Officer (Corporate Communications Office)
  • FLE Program Officer and Social Media Manager (School of Education and Human Development)
  • Guidance Counselor (Center for Student Affairs)
  • Human Resource Coordinator (Human Resource Management)
  • Librarians (licensed)
    – Acquisition
    – Law Librarian
    – Reference and Information Services Librarian
    – Librarian – Archives Organization and Management
    – User Services Librarian 
  • Program Coordinator (School of Sciences and Engineering)
  • Project Coordinator (Information and Communication Technologies)
  • Researcher & Analyst (Center for Social Responsibility)
  • Section Head (Center for Teaching and Learning)
  • Student Affairs Officer (Center for Student Affairs – Kultura)
  • Student Affairs Assistant (Center for Student Affairs – Project-based)
  • Faculty – Center for Social Responsibility
  • Faculty – College of Arts and Sciences (Physical Education)
  • Faculty – School of Management
  • Faculty – School of Sciences and Engineering

    Interested applicants may send their curriculum vitae and accomplished Applicant Information Form/Faculty Applicant Information Form to [email protected].


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        Phone: (632) 8637-0912 to 26
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