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Welcome to UA&P.

With 50 years of experience in the academe, UA&P is a private, not-for-profit institution of higher learning that offers some of the most outstanding academic programs in Asia. We provide our students with a powerful combination of liberal education and professional specialization.

As an employer, we are committed to providing our faculty and administrative staff with an environment that supports their total and continuous development. We provide specific venues for our employees to develop their full potential as persons capable of achieving their personal and professional goals which are congruent with the mission and vision of the University.

Interested applicants may send their curriculum vitae and accomplished Applicant Information Form/Faculty Applicant Information Form to [email protected].

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We are urgently looking for people who can contribute to the growth of the University in the following capacities/positions:

Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistant (Center for Food and Agribusiness)

Job functions:

  1. Handles the appointments of the Executive Director;
  2. Prepares minutes of CFA meetings;
  3. Answers phone calls;
  4. Drafts office correspondences;
  5. Assists in the reproduction/photocopying of relevant CFA materials;
  6. Assists in the marketing, coordination and preparation of materials of CFA seminars, training, briefings, publications and other relevant outputs;
  7. Maintains and organizes CFA files;
  8. Coordinates the various activities of the CFA re: reservations (food, venue, vehicle), acquisition (supplies, etc.), accounting (check requests, billing statements, etc.);
  9. Maintains and updates the database of the CFA in coordination with the responsible staff;
  10. Follows up payments and other necessary documents;
  11. Maintains overall orderliness of CFA office; and
  12. Performs other tasks as may be assigned.

Administrative Assistant (School of Law and Governance – Institute of Law)

Job functions

Assists the Dean and the Program Officer of the Institute of Law on the following:

  1. Daily operations of the Institute of Law
  2. Student Matters (Communications, Grades, Academic Standing, Requests, Mentoring, Other Concerns)
  3. Faculty Matters (Communications, Requests, Proctoring, Salary inquiries, Other Concerns) and Communications with the different units and offices in the University.
  4. Attends the following: Weekly coordination meetings, Meetings with student organizations, Faculty Meetings
  5. Assist in the following special projects and concerns: Marketing/Admissions, Bar preparations, Graduation, Law Journal, Student Events and Activities, Faculty Events and Activities
  6. Assist in the operations of the UA&P Law Clinic: Coordinate with Supervising Lawyers, Coordinate with Clients
  7. Help maintain the UA&P Law and UA&P Law Clinic email accounts and Facebook accounts and respond to all email/social media messages on ILaw inquiries.
  8. Help coordinate with JD students and faculty on thesis matters: defense, grades, etc.

Agribusiness Specialist (Center for Food and Agribusiness)

Job functions:

  1. Conduct research on food and agri business
  2.  Monitor assigned commodities/industries
  3. Conduct data gathering, processing and analysis on food and agri business needed by the senior staff for CFA projects, articles, etc.
  4. Participate in various CFA research projects and contribute in writing reports
  5. Prepare and manage the CFA’s regular publication and write articles
  6. Take charge of the conferences and seminars of the unit
  7. Perform other tasks as may be assigned

Fund Development Officer

Job functions:

Manage the FDO website – propose re-design and upgrade of FDO website to make it more interactive and effective in informing and engaging various stakeholders, especially current and prospective donors, including alumni; guide, coordinate, and  monitor the work of ICT and service-providers in the re-design and upgrade of the FDO website; 

Produce content for FDO website – include regularly updating website contents;

Prepare marketing materials – including production of write up for media kits;

Strategize and implement fund campaigns (on and offline), especially for alumni, in coordination with the schools, centers, and programs;

Identify and research on donor prospects.

General Services Section Assistant (Assets and Facilities Management)

The GSS Assistant is responsible for performing various administrative tasks such as: receiving and delivering of purchase items, answering telephones, processing of car stickers & locker applications, collecting & remitting parking fees to FMR, restocking various furniture & equipment from the storage, doing inventory, encoding & filing of records.

Specific duties:


  1. Receives delivered items and checks whether the items received conform to supplier’s invoice and the purchase order, acknowledges receipt, and delivers them to the requesting school / units
  2. Processing returns for incorrect or unsatisfactory items.
  3. Assists in the issuance of general supplies based on approved supply requisition form (SRF) of the requesting school / units.
  4. Encodes issuance of supplies thru SAP System.



  1. Operates communication systems, such as telephone, switchboard, two-way radio.
  2. Answers incoming calls, greets callers, provides information, transfers calls and/or takes messages as necessary.
  3. Checks and monitors trunk lines and call information logging system to ensure that all lines and systems are functioning correctly and refers malfunctioning and failures to proper parties for repair or correction or re-assign.



  1. Receives, sorts, sends outgoing mails via courier service provider, and tracks & updates the status of outgoing shipments.
  2. Works directly with requesting school/units to discuss shipping options and calculate costs for delivering mails including freight



  1. Provides assistance for students/staffs who have lost items. and ensures that they receive quick, dependable, and friendly service always.
  2. Receives and returns to owner items lost in the UA&P campus and keeps records of items lost & found and claimed.
  3. Tags and places items in drawers, shelves, racks, or safe, according to type of items and where it was found.
  4. Arranges donation for the unclaimed items for donee’s institution.



  1. Checks and validate the daily transaction report submitted by parking attendant.
  2. Assists in processing, encoding and evaluation of application for parking sticker.



  1. Requests for the regular delivery of drinking water from the suppliers:
  2. Verifies the need for water delivery from requesting units based on water consumption.
  3. Contacts water supplier to request delivery of water and prepare distribution summary of water.
  4. Refilling of water dispensers.
  5. Monitoring of quarterly cleaning of all water dispensers
  6. Prepares water expenses liquidation report and check requests and coordinates with FMR to facilitate payment to suppliers.



  1. Assists in processing, encoding of application for lockers, including inventory and inspection and recommendation for repair and maintenance.



  1. Coordinates with the Photocopying Concessionaire on any concerns or repair about photocopying services for students and staff.
  2. Checking of photocopying job forms of five machines and prepares monthly billing report prior to Concessionaire’s payment remittance to FMR.



  1. Assist in the regular inventory of assets and general supplies.
  2. Assists in preparation of disposal of assets and non-moving items and scrap.



  1. May perform office, clerical, and other related duties as assigned.

Librarians (licensed)

Marketing and Business Development Lead (Executive Offices - Special Projects Office)

The Marketing and Business Development Lead (MBDL) will be expected to: 

  1. Develop a marketing strategy for the institution’s professional development programs, that is consistent with the University’s brand and image
  2. Design and implement a marketing plan (e.g., social media utilization and management) aligned with a marketing strategy that is consistent with the University’s brand and image
  3. Evaluate the marketing plan vis-à-vis the performance of the institution’s professional development programs, and calibrate the plan as necessary
  4. Develop a business development strategy that will expand the customer and clientele base ofthe institution’s professional development programs.
  5. Design and implement a business development plan aligned with a business development strategy that will expand the institution’s customer and clientele base for its professional development programs
  6. Evaluate the business development plan vis-à-vis the performance of the unit and of the institution’s professional development programs
  7. Provide advice on program methods and content that are attractive to specific markets and customer bases

The MBDL may also be asked to carry-out other tasks related to the University’s strategic pursuits such as sitting in tactical committees or working groups.

Marketing Officer (School of Law and Governance)

The Marketing Officer is primarily in charge of marketing activities of the School of Law and Governance (SLG) and its programs. Specific tasks are as follows:

Marketing of SLG Programs

  1. Preparation, implementation, and evaluation of marketing plans
  2. Design and development of marketing materials
  3. Administers online sites, pages, and social media
  4. Organizing and attending marketing events
  5. Coordinating with the Corporate Communications Office and Admissions Office regarding marketing activities
  6. Organizes presentations and roadshows in other schools and institutions
  7. Special events or other tasks that may be assigned by the Operations Committee

Handling of Projects

  1. Assists in SLG research projects and publications
  2. Makes studies on new programs
  3. Monitors requirements on Institutional Linkages

Other tasks

  • Liaising with government offices
  • Other tasks that may be assigned by OpCom (e.g. administrative support to other SLG events and programs)

Projects Coordinator (Center for Research and Communication)

Key Accountabilities:

  1. Assist in promoting CRC consultancy research services and areas of industry expertise to potential clients from corporations, industry associations, chambers of commerce, civil society organizations, government agencies, and LGUs
  2. Search for project and grant opportunities from government agencies, multilateral agencies, and civil society organizations
  3. Assist the CRC Executive Director/CRCFI President in meetings with potential clients and attend project meetings
  4. Assist project teams by developing templates for project proposals, if needed
  5. Consult the CRC Executive Director/CRCFI President in finalizing the Total Research Grant Amount for project proposals submitted to clients
  6. Assist the project teams and consult the CRC Executive Director/CRCFI President in finalizing the Project Information Sheet (PIS) for each consultancy research project
  7. Coordinate with project teams for the submission of deliverables to clients
  8. Coordinate with clients for the processing and payment of tranches to CRC
  9. Coordinate with FMR for the issuance and delivery of official receipts to clients
  10. Coordinate with FMR for the processing of professional fee tranche payments to the project teams
  11. Monitor the status and progress of the project deliverables and budget
  12. Manage and respond to project related emails
  13. Coordinate with clients for the issuance of Certificates of Good Standing for completed consultancy research projects

Program Officer (School of Education and Human Development)

FLE and CPD Program

    1. Effectively participate in and facilitate the conceptualization, planning, organization, marketing and promotion, conduct, monitoring, and assessment of FLE and CPD seminar-workshops, conferences, and related activities to be led by SED faculty members on their own or in collaboration with other academic units in UA&P or with external institutions or groups partnering with SED.  
    2. Initiate and coordinate the design, production, distribution, and updating of marketing and promotional materials in FLE and CPD programs and activities in consultation or collaboration with the Corporate Communications Office and CORE of UA&P
    3. Coordinate or carry out FLE and CPD program-related communication and liaison work with government institutions (especially the Department of Education,  the Commission on Higher Education and the Professional Regulation Commission), public and private schools, private corporations, nongovernment organizations, professional societies or associations, and other groups (especially those involving educators and school administrators, human resource practitioners, and developmental and industrial-organizational psychologists)
    4. Lead and coordinate the building up and updating of CPD and FLE’s network and data base of institutional and individual contacts (students, parents, alumni, activity participants, benefactors, suppliers, etc.)
    5. Provide logistical support to FLE Program Committee and CPD Manager for the marketing and promotion of FLE and CPD activities
    6. Represent FLE and CPD in internal and external meetings related to the marketing and promotion of FLE and CPD programs and activities (unless some other persons in SED or UA&P have been designated to do the job)
    7. Draw up and propose budgets (including the corresponding project information sheets) for FLE and CPD programs and activities

SED Social Media Management (SED, CDE Center, CPD, and FLE – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

    1. Develop and launch social media campaigns and strategies that are engaging 
    2. Coordinate and collaborate with the Corporate Communications Office for the development and launch of social media campaigns 
    3. Daily checking and management of the social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) of SED, CDE Center, CPD and FLE. This involves responding to messages, posts, and discussions.
    4. Monitor, measure, and report SED’s social media performance
    5. Suggest and implement strategies to improve SED’s social media performance

Administrative Support in SED Programs

    1. Update brochures and policy handbook of SED programs
    2. Provide administrative support in BS/MA programs and CDE Center when necessary

Program Officer (School of Law and Governance - Institute of Law)

Assists the Dean of the Institute of Law on the following:

1. Daily operations of the Institute of Law

2. Student Matters in coordination with the Institute Secretary
     • Enlistment/Enrollment in coordination with REG
     • Grades/Academic Standing/Mid-Term Standing in coordination with REG – status, inquiries and related concerns
     • Grants

3. Faculty Matters in coordination with the Institute Secretary
     • Concerns/Requests – logs in/records, brings to the attention of Secretary
     • Grades – following up for submission on time, receiving and keeping copies submitted by faculty
     • Loading/Scheduling of Classes – preparation in coordination with Office of the Dean; communicates with faculty
     • Time Sheets, Salary Inquiries and Contracts for Part-time faculty – preparation and coorination with HRM and Accounting
     • Examination Matters – scheduling, proctoring, ExamSoft concerns and all related concerns

4. Coordination with the different units and offices in the University

5. Attends the following: Weekly coordination meetings – prepares minutes, Faculty Meetings – prepares minutes, Meetings with student organizations

6. Assists in the following special projects and concerns: Marketing/Admissions – in coordination with marketing officer and CCO; plan and suggest marketing activities

7. Monitor the UA&P Law and UA&P Law Clinic email accounts and Facebook accounts and microsite, and respond to all email/social media messages on inquiries about the JD program.

Student Affairs Assistant/ Officer (Center for Student Affairs - Office of Student Development)

Job functions:

  1. Plan, Propose, Implement, Execute, and Evaluate projects and activities classified under the Kultura sub-unit of the Office of Student
  2. Development
  3. Monitor progress and development of student volunteers of OSD-Kultura projects and activities
  4. Provide input and insight on Student Interest Group project proposals discussed with the entire office
  5. Provide additional guidance to Student Interest Groups as needed
  6. Draft needed reports on the OSD-Kultura sub-unit’s activities and projects


• Faculty – Center for Social Responsibility

• Faculty – College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Filipino

• Faculty – School of Management
                   – Accounting
                   – Basic Computing
                   – Business Ethics
                   – Data Engineering
                   – Finance
                   – Human Resource Management
                   – International Business
                   – Programming for Databases
                   – Project Management
                   – Research
                   – Strategic Management

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