The International Symposia on Transformative Ideas in a Changing World is a series of meetings of academicians and practitioners held every other year. This year’s conference was held last May 10 and 11 at Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University (WMSCU) in Surabaya, Indonesia with the theme “The Internationalization of Democracy.”

Dr. Nick Alviar and Dr. Robert Cortes (first and second from left) with other participants at the International Symposium on Transformative Ideas in a Changing World

UA&P took part in the international conference with three faculty members presenting their respective papers:

Understanding the Role of Religion in Democracy-Building: The Philippine Experience
Nicomedes B. Alviar PhD, School of Social Sciences, Law, and Governance (SLG)

Prospects of Internationalizing Democracy through the Lens of Clifford Christian’s Media and Communications Theory
Robert Cortes PhD, School of Media and Marketing (SCM)

A Democratic Community: A Locus of Forgiveness?
Guillermo Dionisio PhD candidate, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

The symposium was organized by the Faculty of Philosophy of WMSCU who invited academicians, experts, and practitioners to discuss the various issues involving the internationalization of democracy and to propose recommendations on how it can be achieved, in case it is indeed envisioned as the future scenario for the world.

WMSCU is a partner university of UA&P.

For more information on the symposium, visit their website.