Exchange Program

Inbound Exchange Students

The following are the procedures followed when students from partner universities come to study at UA&P:

1. The partner international coordinator nominates the student to the host international coordinator, at present, the PIA Director.

2. By email, the PIA Office notifies the student of the nomination and sends the Application Form for Inbound Exchange Students together with a list of all available subject offerings of UA&P for the first and second semester with a minimum of 15 credits, maximum of 21.The following documentary requirements are expected from the student exchange applicant who wants to enroll in UA&P:

  • Certified image copy of the transcript of grades (min. GWA: 2.0); Students who do not meet this requirement may still apply but will be waitlisted.
  • Written endorsement from the home institution’s international coordinator.
  • Medical certificate from the home institution’s medical services department stating that the student is physically and psychologically fit to study as an international exchange student in a foreign university
  • Certified image copy of the passport
  • Certified image copy of the birth certificate
  • Certificate of evidence of TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge CAE, DAAD or PTE results
  • Document showing financial capacity for the duration of the exchange program
  • Statement of Purpose

Note: If the foreign applicant’s native tongue or medium of instruction in secondary school is not English, he/she should take the IELTS (minimum score of 6.0), TOEFL (minimum score of 500 for the paper-based test or 62 for the Internet-based test), CAE (minimum grade B or C1 certificate) DAAD (minimum score of 20 per component), and PTE (minimum score of 58). If a student does not meet the minimum requirement, he/she will be required to enroll in the English Lab for a fee.

Alternatively, if a student is enrolled in a university whose medium of instruction n most of his/her subject is English, a Skype interview will be conducted to assess the student’s proficiency.

3. The student then submits to the home school’s international coordinator for checking, then then forwards the complete documents to the PIA Office.

4. PIA receives the documents and, via memo, sends them to the particular School in the University that matches the student’s degree program. Should it fall under two Schools, the application will be forwarded to the School where the student chose more subjects.

5. The School evaluates and accepts the student. If the students’ subjects consist of those from the other schools, the School will coordinate with the other school in permitting the inbound student exchange applicant to enroll in those subjects.

6. The School communicates via a memo to PIA informing of their decision.

7. PIA issues an acceptance letter to the students. The acceptance letter indicates the name of the student, subjects to enroll in, semester and school year, and any other instruction/conditions of the exchange. PIA also prepares a document containing a list of subjects the student wants to enroll in for REG’s approval.

8. PIA takes care of sending the acceptance pack to the student, via the partner international coordinator. The acceptance pack contains the following documents:

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Subject List
  • Accommodation Specifications Form
  • Academic Calendar

9. The student e-mails copies of accomplished Accommodation Specifications Form, as well as his/her arrival details to PIA, who then forwards it to Center for Student Affairs (CSA). CSA takes care of both housing arrangements and airport transfer. The School, on the other hand, is in-charge of assigning a mentor.

10. REG assists the student in enrollment and processing of local study permit with the Bureau of Immigrations. The student shall also pay Php 10,000.00 to cover administrative and operating cost of facilitating the exchange program.

11. REG orients the students regarding their visa application.

12. CSA organizes another orientation day to all inbound students regarding UA&P Culture and Student Life.

13. At the end of the exchange period of the student, PIA sends a Student Feedback Form. This form, will be used to assess the UA&P Exchange Program; thus, then, PIA provides the School/CSA/REG with the feedback and results of the evaluation for continuing improvement of the University’s exchange program services.

14. Submission of the feedback form will form part of the student’s clearance in compliance with the University’s policy required for all enrolled students at the end of their stay in the university and/or completion of their course of study.

15. REG releases the student’s Transcript of Records upon clearance from all accountabilities of the student with the University.

Outbound Exchange Students

The following are the procedures followed when UA&P students go to partner universities abroad:

1. Students interested in exchange submits to their school or college’s exchange coordinator the completed outbound exchange application form and associated documents. Students must read and complete the instructions on the application form.The exchange coordinators are:

  • School of Economics (SEC) – Mr. Perry Reyes
  • School of Communications (SCM) – Dr. Francine Racho
  • School of Education (SED) – Ms. Lexie Estacio
  • School of Sciences and Engineering (SSE) – Engr. Henry Ligot
  • School of Law and Governance (SLG) – Atty. Jeremy Gatdula
  • School of Management (SMN)
    • BSBA , MScM, etc.– Ms. Elsie Laguador
    • Entrepreneurial Management (EM) – Ms. Lei Cerrer
  • College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) – Ms. Abbygail Reyes

2. The exchange coordinator:

  • Ensures that the student meets the following requirements:
  1. A minimum GWA of 2.0. Students who do not meet this requirement may still apply but will be waitlisted.
  2. No disciplinary record
  3. At least a sophomore upon the commencement of studies at the partner university.
  • Ensures that the MOU with the partner institution is valid and contains an exchange provision.
  • Ensures that the student has not missed the partner’s application deadline for the target semester.
  • Finds out if the MOU contains a reciprocity clause for tuition. This allows students to pay tuition at the UA&P for their semester abroad. Reciprocity, or the lack of it, may influence a student’s decision to go on exchange. For agreements without reciprocity, the PIA will have to negotiate the terms for tuition payment unless already specified in the MOU.
  • Students who push through with exchange at partners without reciprocity must pay tuition at the partner university and at the partner university’s rates.
  • Checks if an English Language Proficiency exam is required.
  • Ensures that the student is academically ready and mature enough for life abroad.
  • Students who want their study abroad to count toward the completion of their home curriculum must be advised by their exchange coordinator. In advising, the exchange coordinator chooses and matches the subjects the student will take at the host institution with the student’s home curriculum. This ensures that the subjects are credited toward the completion of the student’s UA&P curriculum upon return.
  • The course descriptions needed for matching are usually found on the partner’s website. If no course descriptions are available online, PIA can help source these.
  • Students who intend to go on exchange outside their home curriculum need not undergo course matching. However, they must still see their exchange coordinators. Although students are free to go on exchange outside the curriculum, it may cause a delay in graduation from the UA&P.

3. If the student is fit for exchange, the coordinator informs the dean or program director that the student can be nominated for exchange. The student is then nominated by the OpCom to the host institution through PIA.

  • Nomination is done through an official memo from the school or college OpCom and addressed to the PIA. It should note the following:
    • The school or college’s nomination.
    • Basic details such as the student’s name, student number, year, course, email address, mobile number.
    • The partner institution where the student will be sent to.
    • The target semester and the receiving school or college within the partner institution.
    • The subjects the student will take at the partner institution’s school or college.

4. Once PIA receives the nomination, it informs the partner institution about the nomination and gets all the forms and requirements.

5. If the nomination is accepted, PIA sends the materials to the student or directs the student to the appropriate website (cc: School).

6. The School, through the exchange coordinator, submits the accomplished form and requirements to PIA.

7. PIA sends the soft copies of the application form and other requirements to the partner international coordinator.

8. PIA receives the letter of acceptance in behalf of the student. Sometimes, the foreign institution sends the letter of acceptance directly to the student with copy to PIA.

9. The student applies for his/her visa.

10. PIA or the School receives the admission notice.

11. The School informs REG for enlistment and registration.

12. Prior to the student’s departure, PIA briefs the student regarding the host university.

13. For students accepted by partners with reciprocity in tuition, the student pays at the UA&P Cashier. A miscellaneous fee of Php 10,000.00 is charged to cover administrative and operating cost of the student exchange program.

14. Shortly after the student’s return, PIA sends the students a Student Feedback survey to the students. The survey is required for the students to obtain clearance as well as for their Transcript of Records for the host university to be forwarded to REG.

15. Once PIA receives the student’s response to the survey, PIA forwards the transcript to REG, furnishing a copy to the School.

16. Through the feedback, PIA notifies CCO for newsworthiness of the student’s stay in the partner university.


International Pathways Program

UA&P X Macquarie University: Master in International Business or Master in Commerce

UA&P is collaborating with Macquarie University allowing students to complete their Master of International Business or Master of Commerce at Macquarie University in one year.

Students who are currently enrolled or are graduates of UA&P's Master of Science in Management (MScM) are eligible to be articulated into Macquarie University’s:

  • Master of International Business or
  • Master of Commerce with specialization in
    - Business, Management and Organizations;
    - Marketing

Students must complete their MScM program prior to applying to Macquarie University. Aside from waiving the IELTS/ TOEFL/PTE Requirement, UA&P Students are also eligible to apply for the following Scholarships as long as the criteria below are met:

ASEAN Partner Scholarship (up to AUD 15,000)
The student must have achieved a minimum GPA equivalent of 5.0 out of 7.0. He/ she must also commence the study in session and year indicated in the scholarship offer letter. Commencement may not be deferred.

ASEAN-Macquarie Early Acceptance Scholarship (up to AUD 10,000)
The student must be an ASEAN citizen, and meet the academic requirement of the chosen course. The student must also accept the Letter of Offer and pay the commencement fee by the Acceptance Deadline.

UA&P X Griffith University

UA&P has entered into an Articulation Agreement on Credit Transfer with Griffith University letting students complete their Master of International Business at Griffith University for 1 year.

UA&P students who are currently enrolled in the Master in Applied Business and Economics Program (ABEP) at UA&P are eligible for credit transfer to Griffith University’s Master of International Business.

Students who wish to transfer to Griffith at the end of their 1st year in the ABEP program will earn a Certificate of completion for all courses taken. Additionally, at the end of study in Griffith, they will graduate with a degree in Master of International Business.

UA&P X SCU: Aviation Management and Pilot License
UA&P and Southern Cross University (SCU) have teamed up to offer students a fast-track double bachelors program where students can pursue their dream to become pilots. UA&P students who have graduated from the following courses may take BS Aviation Management with Commercial Pilot License at Southern Cross University for just two years:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
  • Master of Science in Management

SCU has accredited the degree programs under the School of Management indicated above and thus are qualified to pursue its Aviation Management Program after graduating from UA&P.

Students entering into this pathway program must secure a four-year undergraduate program in UA&P. They will then continue for two years in SCU under the Bachelor of Business in Aviation Management and secure a Commercial Pilot License with the help of Aviation Airways, SCU’s approved pilot-training center.

UA&P graduates who undergo this program will earn the following at the end of their study at SCU:

  • Bachelor of Business in Aviation management
  • Pilot Licences
    • Commercial Pilot license (Instrument Rating + Multiple Engine Rating)
    • Recreational Pilot license
    • Private Pilot license


Every UA&P graduating student under the above mentioned program is eligible to be considered for the following scholarships:

1. Vice Chancellor Academic Excellence Scholarship (AU$8,000 per year, up to $24,000 AUD)

  • The full amount is spread for period of 3 years, with AU$8,000 maximum grant per year. For students taking up the Bachelor of Business (Aviation Management), the scholarship only covers the time spent studying in Southern Cross University and excludes the time spent with Aviation Airways.

2. Regional Scholarship (AU$5,000 per year, up to AU$15,000)

  • If the students do not meet the criteria for the Vice Chancellor Academic Excellence Scholarship, the Regional Scholarship is automatically offered which grants the students a AU$5,000 deduction per year, maximum of AU$15,000 for 3 years.

3. IELTS/PTE Scholarship

  • The students are eligible to reimburse the examination fee for IELTS or PTE test. Conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Institution

About the Country

  • Population: 100 million (as of 2014)
  • Average temperature: Fall Term: from 28 ºC to 31 ºC  | Spring Term: from 29 ºC to 33 ºC
  • Snowfall: No
  • Native language(s): Filipino (medium of instruction is English)

About the UA&P Exchange Program

  • Office in charge of student exchange: Public and International Affairs Office
  • Website: > International
  • Link of courses available: None, but arrangement via e-mail can be done
  • Popular courses: Business, Marketing, Economics, Humanities
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Application deadline: 1st Term: 9 May | 2nd Term: 17 October | Summer Term: (not open to exchange students)

 Languages of instruction: English

  • Number of term(s) per year: 2
  • Start date and end date: 
    • 1st Semester: second week of August to second week of December
    • 2nd Semester: second week of January to third week of May
    • Summer term: first week of June to second week of July
  • Term break:
    • Christmas Break: third week of December to first week of January
    • Summer break: third week of July to first week of August
  • Exam Period:
    • 1st Semester: first week of December
    • 2nd Semester: second week of May
  • Orientation Day: Orientation shall be done individually upon arrival in UA&P
  • Is there any orientation fee exchange? None.
  • Date of arrival pick-up:
    • 1st Term: within the fourth week of July
    • 2nd Term: within the first week of January
  • Is there any cost for the pick-up service for exchange students? None.
  • Note: The University does not operate a hostel but housing accommodation can be arranged prior to the arrival of the student.

Accommodation and Estimated Expenses

You can visit this website to check the latest international exchange rates for the Philippine peso (Php)

  • Availability of residence halls: None.
  • Are all exchange students guaranteed accommodation before arrival? Yes.
  • Types of room available: single, shared room, double, apartment
  • Range of accommodation fee per month: Php 23,000 to Php 45,000 (exclusive of main meals and utilities)
  • Are there any compulsory meal plans? None.
  • Student activities fee: None.
  • Tuition per term: None. Tuition to be paid at home school.
  • Estimated living expenses: Php 15,000 a month (but would also vary on lifestyle)
  • Damage deposit for residence: Equivalent to 2 months of rent (refundable at the end of the pre-agreed term)
  • Other miscellaneous fees: For visa and immigration fees vary, please visit
  • Estimated total expenses: Php 35,000 to Php 55,000 per month

Health and Insurance Proof

  • Are there mandatory insurance packages that students are required to purchase before or after arrival? None.
  • Are there any criteria for exchange students to meet in purchasing insurance packages (e.g. amount of coverage)?
  • Yes. Exchange students should purchase from any provider in their home country for as long as it covers the Philippines. Rates actually depend on hospitals. UA&P refers students to The Medical City Hospital (
  • Amount of financial proof required for visa application: None.


Do You Have Questions Not Covered Above?

  • You can get in touch with the Public and International Affairs office at [email protected].

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