Effective March 8 (Monday), the University will be adopting the following measures in entering the campus:

Pasig Pass contact tracing

  • Employees, students and guests will be required to present their QR code which will be scanned by the university security personnel at the gate. Registered QR codes from Pasig City, Mandaluyong City, Valenzuela City and Antipolo City will be recognized by UA&P scanners. To register for a Pasig Pass, please follow this link: https://pasigpass.pasigcity.gov.ph/

Online Health Monitoring form

  • The university will be switching from physical forms to Online Health Monitoring Forms via QR codes posted at the gates. To do this:
    1. Scan the QR code at the gate with your mobile device. Note that there will be three QR codes (for Employees, for Students and Alumni, and for Guests). Scan the one that is applicable for you. This should lead to the Online Health Form.
    2. Security Personnel will take your temperature and inform you of the result.
    3. Accomplish all required fields on the online form (including temperature) then click submit.
    4. The security personnel will receive a summary of your response and facilitate your entry based on the responses.

Those without mobile devices or personal data connection will still be required to answer the physical Daily Health monitoring forms.