In view of the online registration for the 2nd semester of SY20-21, please refer to the following instructions:

1. 2nd Semester Enrolment Schedule
2. EmpowerED Registration System User and Quick Reference Guides

Important Reminders

1. Login using your email address. Should you encounter login problems or uploading proof of payment problems, use the JitBit Chat Box to raise a ticket or send an email to [email protected].

2. Make sure that your Student Profile Information in the system is correct.

3. Upload proof of payment only once. Duplicate uploads will delay approval of your payment. Do not send your proof of payments to FMR. This will cause duplicate work on the Administrative side.

4. Available Online Payment Modes

a. Dragonpay (Online Banking and Payment Partners) – Once payment is validated, student is tagged as enrolled in EmpowerED; he/she can print his/her RC. Please note that there is a Php20.00 convenience fee.
b. Unionbank Payment Gateway (Credit Card – local and foreign issued). Once transaction is successful, the student is tagged as enrolled in EmpowerED; he/she can print his/her RC. Please note that there is a 1.8% convenience fee for local credit card and 2.8% for foreign credit card.
c. Deposit to UA&P Bank Account – BPI and Unionbank. Student needs to upload proof of payment and allow FMR a lead time of 48 hours to validate against bank statement and approve proof of payment. Once proof of payment is approved, the student can print his/her RC.

5. Should the student encounter any issue or have questions related to EmpowerED or his/her enrolment, please do the following:

a. Please click on the Jitbit Chat Box to send a ticket to the Enlistment Support Team. Should there be a need to raise the issue to the appropriate UA&P Departments (Registrar, FMR, ICT or Academic Advisers), feedback will be given to the student through Jitbit Chat or the student’s email address.
b. Another way to raise a ticket to the Enlistment Support Team is by sending an email to [email protected].
c. Should there be a delay in the response, or a raised issue is taking too long, students can escalate to [email protected] or [email protected] of the ICT Department.
d. For those students with unsettled tuition and miscellaneous fees, please check your unsettled balance with FMR and pay before the end of the 1st semester.

6. For scholars, please make sure that your status is OK and you have no pending requirements.

Should you have questions and/or clarifications, please email Ms. Van Mendoza at [email protected].