UA&P and Premier Family Business Consulting (PFBC) signed a memorandum of agreement to establish the Center for Family Business Excellence. The center shall conduct research and share knowledge on the uniqueness of Filipino and Asian family firms, their impact on the economy, and issues on the challenges of generational transition, legacy perpetuation, as well as sustainable stewardship towards social impact.

Through educational programs and events, the center shall develop the skills and knowledge for highly effective family business leaders and professionals to become the catalyst of values-driven transformation in their family businesses. The center shall promote and influence healthy relationships and family governance and advance family unity and trust as critical components to ensure family enterprise longevity.

The University believes that it has to be ever attentive and responsive to the real needs of the community that sustains it, seek to significantly contribute to human progress, and do everything it can to uplift the moral, cultural, and material level of the country and the region in which it operates. It desires to establish a niche in the field of family business science under the Entrepreneurial Management Program.

For more than 25 years, the Entrepreneurial Management (EM) Program of UA&P is the country’s pioneering Bachelor of Science program that effectively nurtures the next generation of entrepreneurs. It involves an intense, holistic, and integrated formation course uniquely designed to nurture the youth with entrepreneurial talent and mindset. The EM Program is underpinned by comprehensive Liberal Education, developing students not to be mere technicians but leaders, innovators, and thinkers who can articulate their ideas well and aspire to envision a better economy and society.

PFBC is a holistic and multidisciplinary team of consultants who are thought leaders with global knowledge, local expertise, and regional coverage that inspires and influences business growth, family unity, and sustains generations of families in business. Its building family unity and shared core program ability of wealth across eras aim to strengthen the family’s foundations by ideologies at the same time carefully plan fundamental preparations of a sustainable family enterprise.

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