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With the explosion of data which has changed almost all industries around us – marketing, health care, entertainment, environmental protection, transportation and other basic services, to name a few, there is a need for a new breed of scientists who can understand this vast amount of information in order to draw conclusions that will aid decision-making relevant to these industries. To address this need, UA&P offers the Bachelor of Science in Data Science (BS DS) Program.

Bachelor of Science in Data Science is a four-year program that aims to produce Data Scientists equipped with technical, leadership, business and human competencies necessary in the field; and able to solve real-world problems using perspectives from mathematics, statistics, information technology, and the humanities. The program includes study of machine learning algorithms, mathematical and statistical modeling and predictions, analytical and technological tools for making sense of data, the art of presenting the results of analysis to relevant stakeholders, and the use of data at the service of the human person.

Being a fast-developing field worldwide, data science opens to our BS DS graduates great career opportunities not only in the Philippines. For three years in a row, data scientist has been identified as the number one job in the US by Glassdoor and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the increase in the needs of data science will create 11.5 million job openings by 2026. Data science experts are necessary, not only in technology but in practically all job sectors.

The Bachelor of Science in Data Science is a comprehensive four-year program designed to equip students with the necessary skills in technical, leadership, business, and human competencies. The curriculum covers a broad range of subjects, from machine learning algorithms to the humanistic considerations of data usage, preparing students to tackle real-world issues. For instance, students might be tasked to analyze the market behavior of pharmaceuticals, like generic Amoxil, utilizing their skills in mathematical and statistical modeling, as well as their understanding of societal impact and ethical considerations.

In the Philippines, there is not only a huge demand but also a shortage of qualified data scientists. Some of the data science careers one can engage in are as follows: data scientist, data analyst, data architect, data engineer, data machine learning scientist, machine learning engineer, data and analytics manager, database administrator, business analyst, market research analyst, information systems analyst, financial analyst, operations analyst, operations research analyst, corporate planning analyst, and many more.

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