Human Capital Development

A fusion of education, management, psychology, economics, sociology and liberal arts.

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Capital Development

The Human Capital Development program of the UA&P School of Education is the first of its kind in the country. It aims to produce graduates who can design, conduct, manage, and assess learning and workplace programs that will help individuals and groups in various types of organizations enhance their performance, productivity, and employability.

The curriculum is highly interdisciplinary, drawing and fusing elements from education, psychology, business management, economics, sociology, and the liberal arts.


The main focus of the program is on Organizational Learning and Organizational Psychology.

In the upper years, students work on course requirements involving real-life learning programs and projects and go through intensive internship in business firms and other types of organizations and institutions.

Foundational Courses

  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Introduction to Educational Research and Statistics
  • Foundational Psychology for Human Capital Development
  • Philosophical Anthropological Foundations of Human Capital Development
  • Business, Industries and Societies
  • Human Capital Development
  • Fundamentals of Systems and Strategic Thinking
  • Human Behavior in Organizations
  • The Human Resource Function in Organizations

 Domain-specific Courses

  • Psychology of Learning and Performance
  • Performance Management Systems 1 (concepts)
  • Performance Management Systems 2 (applications)
  • Psychometrics for Assessment
  • Organizational Learning and Communication
  • The Knowledge Economy and Knowledge Management
  • Training for Performance and the High-Performance Workplace
  • Project Management
  • Psychology of Change (Social Change, Organizational Change and Development)
  • Workplace Learning Programs (capstone project) 1 & 2
  • Human Capital Development and Strategic Management (integrative)
  • Business Policy (including business law)


All faculty members of the School have graduate degrees (most have doctorates) from prestigious universities here and abroad. They are also strongly multidisciplinary in their academic background and professional experience (education, psychology, business, economics, humanities, language and literature, and science and mathematics). The School’s faculty line-up thus offers its students the opportunity to be immersed in an intellectually rich and challenging school environment designed to help them become professional educators and learning specialists.

Dr. Celerino Tiongco

Dr. Ferdinand Piñgul

Mr. Armand Aguado

Dr. Cesar Baltazar

Ms. Ma. Theresa P. Benitez

Ms. Patricia Berba

Ms. Patricia Cruz

Mr. Denver Daradar

Mr. Carl Moog

Mr. Michael Marcel Santos

Atty. Delia Tantuico

Ms. Patricia Tolentino

Each faculty member has a profile in our Faculty and Research page, consisting of their educational attainment, list of seminars and published works, and contact information. Researchers may click on the link, to transfer to the page.


Graduates of the program can ably fill positions related to human resource and organizational development and can best function as learning specialists, training and development program managers or officers, and organizational performance analysts in business enterprises, government agencies, foundations, schools, and other not-for-profit institutions. They also make excellent management trainees.

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